Choosing between Carnations and Roses: Which is Good and Why?

Talking of emotions, flowers have been the most definitive source for ages. Whether in poems, relationships, rituals, or even in religious practices, flowers display specific emotions effortlessly. At, you will find various varieties of roses and carnations, both.

But when it comes to choosing one out of them, you need to clear the basics.

Roses are the most beautiful flower and are further recognized as a darling and the queen of the Garden. Found in several colors and sizes, each kind of rose refers to a specific emotion.

Carnations are recognized as the flower of God in some places like Greece. Some also say that it was grown from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Both have the essence and fragrance of their own and different colors to depict an emotion. Speaking of the differences, we can categorize each under an occasion and decoration, price, medicine, aroma, and beauty.

Uses of both on occasions

Flower of Sorrow and Death: The white carnations are often recognized by the flower of eternal grief and mourning. At funerals, they portray feelings of sorrow, respect, and sadness.

On the contrary, when we look at symbolic color representation in roses, it’s a black rose that refers to death. It is a dark red or dark purple. But at a funeral, pink roses portray grace and appreciation and are most appropriate for décor.

One of the most reliable vendors of these flowers, even in different seasons, is Flower Company, and they never compromise with the quality.

Red is the color of love for both the flowers. Dark red carnations signify deep affection and love, and the light carnations refer to admirations.

Red roses have been classic. Not just the color but also the number of red roses gives out a different meaning. Nine roses represent “I want to be with you forever, color,” whereas 10 red roses say “You are perfect”. Rose day is the 1st day celebrated in Valentine’s week.

Showering love on someone special with bouquets of both sorts of flowers is classic and most appreciated by Flower Company. They provide the most romantic packing of flowers and give several reliefs on pocket discounts on occasions.

Flowers are the essence of every wedding. Flowers are required for Bride’s Bouquet, Floral Crown of Bride, Bridesmaids Bouquets, and Groom’s Boutonniere as well as in the decoration of the venue.

Carnations are available all year and last up to 2 weeks in a vase, moreover, when it comes to color selection according to several themes of weddings, carnations offer the widest variety in flowers.

The most popular variety of roses used in weddings is the hybrid tea roses and spray roses. Roses can be very pricy according to this specific occasion and their availability in such a huge number may also cause some problems. Although vendors like Flower Company meet their client requests for roses even in non-season on prior notice.

Carnations are used to treat several coronary disorders as well as nervous disorders in herbal medicines. Moreover, it is also observed that the carnations can reduce the swellings and inflammation and calm the nervous system in humans.

Roses were used to treating internal as well as topical diseases by doctors till the 1930s. Moreover, Wild Roses were used to curing colds and muscular pains in North America. Seeds of Japanese Roses were used to make medicine for headaches and antiseptics.

The price of both the flowers varies due to their popularity as well as availability in different seasons. A dozen roses from a local store to a supermarket can cost around $20 to $90, respectively. An easy estimate can be a load on your pockets. Vendors like Flower Company make it a little more affordable than usual due to its market policy but overall roses are the luxury flower in events.

Carnations, on the other hand, are much more reasonable. Carnation comes in nearly every possible natural color and blooms all year long. As they are easily available in all seasons, they are cheaper than roses and are pocket friendly even at weddings and heavy gatherings. Carnation usually costs around $97.99 for 150 stems, and that too depends a little upon its colors.

Carnations are extremely rich in an aroma compound, generally known as eugenol due to which it has an incredible spicy floral scent used in perfumes and essential oils used for aromatherapy as well. Moreover, its petals are used for adding its rich flavor to various servings of salads as well as for flavoring the syrups.

Carnations are also widely used in skincare; they have several healing properties that treat wrinkles and condition the skin to look more firm and tight. Its chemical compounds are added to a wide range of cosmetics as well. It is also used to face masks and exfoliators to treat blemishes and acne spots.

Roses and especially English roses such as Munstead Wood, Boscobel, and Claire Austin, are considered the most popular and rich for making perfumes. These are also used in the making of several body soaps such as lux and one of the most popular products for decades, Rose mist.

Rosewater is popular due to its balancing properties of Skin pH levels and oil control. Roses are used in various skincare, such as face wash, face scrub, exfoliator, face mask, and gels. Apart from skincare and aromatic purposes, roses being edible, are also consumed in several salads, syrups, and smoothies, and desserts.

Conclusion: Which is Good, and why?


Carnations mean passion, and roses are more on the majestic and classic side. Both have their kind of essence, and accordingly, both sets one different mood just with their aroma. Both have great consumption value and are found in our everyday skincare as well.


Roses are more of a luxury item in price and are not available all year long. Roses grow in several colors, but many are rarely available and not in large quantities. Carnations are a lot more affordable on the financial front and available in all seasons and all colors. Overall we can conclude that carnations are a better option to go with a pocket-friendly budget, and roses are better on the luxury side.

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