How to Recover Lost Data from Pen Drive – Know Two Solution Here

Are you one of them who is searching for a solution to recover lost data from the pen drive? If yes then this is the appropriate place for you. Your searches are finished here. In this article, we will discuss two solutions to restore lost data from pen drive.

Users may get their pen drive data lost due to deletion, corruption, formatting, and other misoperations. To avoid complete data loss, users can recover lost data from pen drive using the trustworthy pen drive data recovery software. Besides this, users can also use command prompt to recover lost data from pen drive.

Overview of Pen Drive Data Recovery

Being small, portable, and lightweight, pen drives are widely used to store data files and move data from one device to another device. Unintentionally deletion, formatting, virus attack, and file system becoming RAW are common reasons that cause data loss on storage media like pen drives. Fortunately, restoring lost data from a pen drive easy with the help of advanced pen data recovery software and CMD.

Stop using your pen drive because if you save any new data in your pen drive your data will be overwritten. So, to overcome this issue perform the pen drive recovery tool as soon as possible.

Recover My Lost Data from Pen Drive By Using Automated Software

SysTools pen drive data recovery software is simple, reliable, and powerful utility to recover lost data from pen drive. It has the capability to recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from the pen drive. By attaching the pen drive to your system soon software will recognize the pen drive and let you scan. This tool is capable enough to recover all types of data like photos, videos, audio’s, personal and professional documents, etc. The best thing about this utility is it enables a category filter to save required files from recovered data.

Working Steps to Recover My Lost Data from Pen Drive

Follow the four simple steps to restore lost data from the pen drive:-

  1. Download and install pen drive data recovery software on any version of Windows after that attach your pen drive to your PC
  2. After that, the tool provides two ways of data recovery such as Scan and Formatted Scan
  3. Now to preview all recovered data in the software panel
  4. Finally, you can save your data at any desired location

What Makes SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Software Different from Others?

  1. It supports recovery from exFAT, FAT (16, 32), and NTFS file format
  2. It supports recovering data from all brands of pen drive like Sandisk, Toshiba, LG, Sony, and so on.
  3. It supports to recover any size of files without any file size limitation
  4. The application supports multiple languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Chinese, etc.
  5. The application supports to restore deleted, corrupted, & formatted data files from dynamic disk
  6. It provides two option to save either selected data or complete data files after recovery
  7. Supports to restore deleted GPT partition for all brands pen drive, USB drive, and thumb drive.

SysTools utility is 100% safe and secure, virus-free data recovery software that works absolutely to recover lost data from pen drive. It has the capability to recover any kind of data such as OST, PST, HTML, Excel, PPT, PDF, etc. We know it is not enough for users they are searching for any free solution to recover lost data from pen drive. So, below we will talk about the free solutions.

Recover My Lost Data from Pen Drive Using CMD

You can use CMD when you are expertise in technicalities. Because, if you do any silly mistake, then you lost your data permanently. After that it’s recovery is impossible. So when you are using the CMD method remember one thing don’t do any mistake.

  1. Press the Windows+R key then type CMD and click on the Enter button to get the Command Prompt window
  2. Type chkdsk H: /f and click Enter key; (Replace H with the drive letter of the device from which data were deleted/lost)
  3. After that, type Y and click on Enter
  4. Now type H and click Enter again
  5. Type H:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*and hit Enter key,

It is how users can find deleted or lost data from pen drive. There is one thing you can keep your mind, CMD is free but there are high chances of data loss.

What Reasons for Data Loss from Pen Drive?

Although users may lose their data from pen drive due to various reasons, we have, therefore, identified, few of the common instances:

• When the users USB drive is ejected inappropriately from the system
• Malware and Virus attacks cause data loss
• Accidentally deletion of data from pen drive
• File system turns faulty because of connectivity to different machines
• Users may have formatted their pen drive because of which complete data got deleted
• Avoid error messages shown while accessing pen drive can cause corruption

No matter which query users are asking does not matter what reasons the loss of your pen drive data, you can always use on the above two solutions command prompt and SysTools USB drive recovery software, to recover your lost data from pen drive safely and effortlessly without losing any data. After that, once your data recovered always take the backup of your important and treating your USB drive data well. For example, be careful to delete a file and format the thumb drive don’t attach your pen drive to a virus-infected computer; eject the pen drive safely and gently.

Summing Up

In the above article, we have mentioned two methods of data recovery. Users can use anyone as per their requirements. But I would like to suggest them they use pen drive data recovery software instead of CMD. Because non-technical users can not use CMD in an appropriate way. Therefore high chance of data corruption. Now it’s your turn to take decisions wisely to recover lost data from pen drive in a hassle-free manner.

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