Increasing likes on Instagram – The easy and smart hacks to follow

Marketers and business owners create their Instagram account to promote and market their products and services. Today, brands would want to increase their follower count and likes on Instagram to ensure they get the desired mileage and enhance their brand recall value.

One of how brands can increase Instagram likes is by purchasing it. Today, some companies enable companies to buy 50 likes on Instagram or more at a reasonable cost. It helps to boost your business account’s online presence. Other strategies that count:

  1. Click high-end images

It might come as a surprise, but not every marketer or business owner clicks high-quality images. For this, you don’t have to invest in a DSLR camera to click pictures to add to your post. However, it is essential to ensure adequate lighting, and the objects are in complete focus. You can use an advanced mobile device but ensure that the images are smart looking pictures. High-quality pictures are aesthetically pleasing, and Automation is one method you can deploy to get more likes..

  1. Use a reliable filter scheme

When you use a consistent filter, it will help to establish your brand on Instagram. When you use the same filters, it will help create and maintain a steady visual identity. Your followers start to equate that with your brand, and it makes the images highly identifiable. It also makes your followers wait for the next post, which leads to more views, likes, and audience interaction. You can also use creative toolkits, such as Instasize, that provides a vast range of filters in various styles to select the best aesthetic that’s apt for you.

  1. Share the posts on the Instagram platform

You must connect your Instagram business account with various other social media accounts and share your posts with other users and followers. It will help to make the most of the profile’s organic traffic and views. It is also a wise decision to share some of the chosen Instagram posts in your blog.

  1. Make use of the local hashtags

Brands should make intelligent use of the local hashtags for connecting with the users and customers who are near. You should find the local Instagram account and check the hashtags used for the images and other Instagram posts. You can customize the hashtags and add your brand name so that the hashtag is relevant. It will also help in brand awareness and increase brand recall value. Over time it will help you to attain more followers and also generate increased likes on Instagram.

  1. You should tag any location

When you tag any location in your Instagram images, it becomes available to your area’s customers and followers. When you tag a generic place, it will make your post accessible to most people. The people today are searching for images from brands that are near. Over time, they might purchase this brand as well.

  1. You can introduce giveaways

Your customers and followers will like gifts and giveaways. When you create a “like-to-enter” giveaway, you can end up having more Instagram likes. This initiative brings down the entry barriers, making it simple to attain several likes on the giveaway’s images. You can create an exciting and attractive picture of the prize and add the caption of liking the image to win a prize. Ensure that the CTA (Call to action) is clear, attractive, and motivates people to take action.

  1. You can partner with a social influencer

Do you want to partner with a social influencer? If yes, then you need to choose one who does stories related to your industry vertical. You can request then to click a picture with your product and share the same in their profile. You can share the same in your Instagram profile as well. It helps to widen your business reach and maximizes the credibility via social proof. It is necessary to approach a social influencer who can successfully impact their audience. That way, you can expect a new audience for your business via the influencer.

Last but not least, similar to partnering with a social influencer, it is necessary to partner with a brand that specializes in the complementary product in your industry. It is also another way to connect with a wide range of audiences who fall into your target audience category. It is also a wise decision to host a giveaway as you join hands with a brand that specializes in complementary packages. You can showcase the prize or the product package. It will help you generate an engaging post that can help your brands acquire increased likes on the images. It also indicates that you have more sales in the future. These are a few smart hacks that help both established and start-up businesses to generate more Instagram likes.

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