Smart Tips for Solar Panel Installation

Thinking of going solar? There are a lot of benefits of solar power, especially in hotter climates that see a lot of sun year round. For example, households that have opted for solar panels installation in Perth have seen significant savings on their electricity bills, and are overall more environmentally friendly.

Before you get your own solar panels installed, check out our tips below to ensure you’ll be getting the most out of your solar power system.

1. Choose the right system for your household

If you’re wondering which type of solar panel is best for home use, the answer is: it depends on your home! Each household has its own power demands, so it’s important you choose the right size system for your needs. 

If you get a system that’s too small, you won’t have adequate energy supply, but if you get a system too large, you’ll be spending more money than you need to. Before making any decisions, make sure you do some research and speak to a professional who can guide you in the right direction.  

2. Understand the costs involved

A lot of people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the cost of solar panel installation. However, it is important to keep in mind that it only takes a few years to start seeing returns on your investment. What’s more, government rebates and the option to sell excess power back to the grid make solar power even more affordable.

3. Know how to use the system wisely

Once your solar system is installed, you’ll need to know how to make the most of it. Keep in mind that your solar panels will be generating power for you as long as the sun is shining. That means during the night, your system won’t be generating power and you may need to make changes to your lifestyle to accommodate for this such as: 

4. Look after your system

Solar systems tend to be fairly low maintenance, but regular servicing is important to protect the system. It’s also important to do your research on how to look after your system in order to preserve its life and make sure it does its job efficiently. 

So, if they’re well looked after, how long do solar panels last? It depends on the quality of the panels, but typically between 25 to 30 years is a good estimate. After this, solar panels will probably still produce energy, but their efficiency will be significantly less.

5. Go with a reliable installation professional

You’re making a big investment, so make sure you choose a company who knows what they’re doing, and will do it reliably. For those who are interested in solar panel installation in Perth, get in touch with Mouritz for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you.

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