Top 8 Free Startup Manager Tools For Windows in 2022

Best Free startup manager tools for windows will be discuss here. Start-up management is critical in computing because it allows us to immediately begin using the computer once it has been turned on. Most apps you install on your computer will want to start with system startup, but you must control them because they can slow down your computer’s startup time. Startup programmes might potentially continue to operate in the background without your notice, causing system performance to suffer.

You should use a startup manager tool to help manage startup programmes so that your system runs smoothly and rapidly. Even if you do not install a lot of software on your computer, using a free tool to control startup programmes is a good idea. Here is a list of seven free startup manager tools that you can use.

Top 8 Free Startup Manager Tools For Windows in 2022.

Top 8 most reliable startup manager tools for windows are explained here.

Here’s a rundown of the top seven Windows startup managers that can help you manage your startup items more effectively and speed up Windows boot time.

1. Advanced System Optimizer


Advanced System Optimizer is a powerful programme that optimises your system for exceptional performance, as its name suggests. Multiple cleaning, optimization, and maintenance modules are included in the software to help you get the most out of your computer. Its Startup Manager utility is the most popular among users since it allows them to quickly locate, enable, disable, or add/remove startup items. Simply select the module for routine maintenance > Select Startup Manager from the menu. Select Manage Startup from the menu bar. To improve startup item, simply add/remove/enable/disable programmes using the buttons (Add, Disable, Enable, Remove).

Aside from Startup Manager, the optimization tool also includes Registry Optimizers, Disk Cleaners, Driver Updater, Uninstall Manager, Regular PC Cleaning & Optimization Scheduler, Duplicate Files Remover, Privacy Protector, and many other functions. Also check affiliate software

2. CCleaner


CCleaner is a well-known programme that cleans your computer of unnecessary files and cookies. It also comes with the capability to manage startup programmes. You can do this by going to tools, then startup, where you’ll find entries for programmes that start on startup, and you can delete an entry to prevent it from running.

3. Startup Control Panel


Mike Lin’s Start up control panel is another alternative Windows startup manager. It’s a 34-kilobyte software. The available options are sufficiently diverse, and you can use them to handle startup activities. Use this app to manage your startup applications quickly and efficiently, and it won’t take up much space on your hard drive.

4. Startup Delayer


This utility, like other startup manager tools, allows you to delete programmes from startup, but it also has a feature that authorises you to postpone programmes from beginning automatically. Researchers discovered that occasionally a user wants some programmes to start up automatically because he uses them on a regular basis, but when all of these apps start up at the same time, the system freezes. As a result, you can use startup delayer to set your programmes to start with a delay compared to the prior programme. As a result, it is one of the best free startup manager tools available. Also check Wiki software for linux

5. Autoruns


Auto runs is an application that informs you which programmes start when Windows starts up. It also tells you which programmes start automatically when you start any of Windows’ inbuilt components, such as Internet Explorer / Windows Media Player. This allows you to control which apps start automatically, allowing your computer to run faster.

6. Starter


It’s a straightforward product with a straightforward style that displays a list of startup programmes for both the current user and all users. It displays all services, regardless of whether they belong to Windows or were added afterwards. Though you won’t be able to do anything with Windows services using this tool, you will be able to alter startup applications. It’s a useful tool for locating apps that run on their own. Also check customer database software

7. BootRacer


It’s a straightforward instrument that’s simple to operate. It monitors your computer’s boot time as well as managing your startup apps. The startup control is simple, but the startup time monitoring tool is fantastic. Bootracer is a very handy tool if you want to figure out what’s causing your system to take longer than usual to boot.

8. WinPatrol


As the name implies, it is a patrolling tool that keeps a close check on the programmes that start up and informs you when one of them adds themselves to the startup programmes. It’s also a good tool for managing startup programmes. This software also protects you from malware attacks by alerting you to minor system changes.

So you have it’ a list of seven tools that might assist you in managing startup programmes on your computer. You can select any of them based on your preferences and needs. They are quite useful in increasing the pace of your system and making

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