6 Ways How Technology is Reshaping Customer Service

Technology is vital to giving customers a seamless experience these days. Customer preferences keep on changing, and the companies have to act accordingly. Today, customers use social media platforms more than ever. Thus, fulfilling exceptional customer service is the topmost priority for small businesses of any kind.

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Key Areas for Improving Customer Experience 

Are you aware of the fact that around 47% of the consumers have switched to a different brand due to bad customer service? Hence, businesses have to be spot on in this department and offer round the clock service to keep the customers satisfied. The key areas that you need to work on are:

Business representatives have to keep on interacting with the customers. Today, one can do it via Instagram or YouTube live, giving shoutouts, arranging competitions, or starting a Twitter chat.

You can ask your customers to weigh in their views on social media sites. In return, you can announce attractive prizes. Furthermore, you should listen to their feedback and grievances.

In order to retain your existing customers, you have to provide them a compelling reason so that they are interested in your products or services. Basically, you need to aim for value-based marketing.

So, let us now delve into the technology-based ideas that will enhance service.

Enhancing Customer Service 

Here are six ways to retain and attract new customers through effective customer service

With the advent of Big Data and Cloud Computing, customer service can be carried out easily. This involves Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). These technologies reduce time, cuts unnecessary costs, and provide open frameworks for integrations.

While CCaaS facilitates interaction with the customers, UCaaS is aimed at improving internal communicat6iuon between the employees. The combination plays a pivotal role at a time when customer experience is achieving the central role. Moreover, the employees need to be familiar with every aspect of the product and services to reduce the customer waiting time.

Automation is an important aspect of customer service. Much like the previous technology, it reduces costs and the need for personnel as well. Today, IVR menus are extremely crucial, as it routes incoming callers through options, and it does not require a human operator. Automation also finds application in the customer self-service portals and knowledge bases, preloaded email replies, etc.

In fact, automation assigns requests immediately to the right department or person. Usually, automated services are AI-powered. As you can imagine, technology is going to get better with each passing day as it is based on heuristic learning. Thus, the consumers are going to enjoy the service even more.

As per the data released by IDG research, 44% of the companies have started taking a digital-first approach to customer engagement. This is because the digital approach is not only helping the customers but also the companies. 56% of companies have even reported an increase in profits. When you deliver digital customer service across various channels, it leads to greater bonding.

As Gartner predicts, by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies like mobile applications, messaging, etc. The obstacle that lies in the path of most companies is to go beyond Omni-channels and provide multi experience. If you are writing a paper and struggle to find information, avail expert assistance from MyAssignmenthelp.com.

Many believe that AI is an application that will one day lead to the removal of CX professionals. But, according to the professionals themselves, that will not be the case at all. Technology is going to enhance the performance of customer service. The proof is evident- chatbots, which involve both smart systems and people.

Meanwhile, businesses are of the opinion that AI technology can free the professionals of extra redundant tasks. AI can be used to assist the agents in their daily routine. The AI-backed application can inform the employees about customers, route messages, and provide an instant knowledge base. If you need further information for your assignment, avail assignment help from professional experts.

One of the worst experiences for a customer is to repeat information, and agents not able to decipher what he or she is telling. But, the predicament can be easily fixed if you have robust agent routing and CRM software solutions at your disposal. But how can CRM database help? The database keeps the customer data updated in real-time so that the agents can retrieve the information and provide a reliable solution.

The professionals can access the agent notes and customer updates, even when the customers are re-routed. Now, it is the duty of the managers to ensure that the agents are trained to handle the channels they are working on. After all, the customers should get the best solutions in times of distress.

Mobile technology has come a long way in improving the way brands manage the customer relationship. The reward applications allow brands to promote in-store offers and reward consumers for paying a visit. This is essential if the brands wish to maintain a long-term relationship and build brand loyalty.

Today, almost 90% of people use smartphones, and 75% of the people complete surveys on their mobile. Thus, companies need to invest in mobile technology if they haven’t already. In addition to this, companies need to offer customers a wide variety of self-service tools.  This would be helpful to customers as they can get access to it, free of charge, and get instant results.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. As AI continues to grow smarter, we can expect many more applications to emerge that will take care of customer service. And if you are unable to gather updated information and need assignment help, you can ask professional experts to assist you.

Author Bio: Sienna Brown is an AI expert, who has helped numerous business firms over the past seven years, with engagements and customer service. He has seen the emergence of social media, AI, and the revolution in customer service, which is still developing. At present, he is helping MyAssignmnethelp.com with the customer redressal system.

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