What to do if your refrigerator needs a repair?

The refrigerator is an important home appliance. It stores food and meals and prevents them from going bad. Be it for snacking or cooking a meal for the family; you make frequent trips to the refrigerator every day.

The need for this appliance to function properly is great, but since it is a machine, the refrigerator can also have problems that require repairs.

Many common problems arise once or twice during the lifetime of a refrigerator. Some of these issues can be fixed at home, whereas others require professional intervention. Even on normal days, you must act like a detective and peek around the refrigerator to spot any unusual noise, sound, or activity.

Troubleshooting at home

It is surprising to see how a refrigerator runs night and day and how infrequently it breaks down. That is why it is easy to troubleshoot common issues by yourself and even fix them. On these rare occasions, when a refrigerator breaks down, the repair costs may add up to unexpected dollar bills.

You will be amazed to see that fixing minor refrigerator issues at home is easy if you have the right guidance. Let us provide you some basic information that applies to every refrigerator.

Fridge and freezers have two components, condenser coil, and evaporator coil. A compressor and motor pass a liquid coolant through these coils, so the liquid cool in the condenser. The condenser is located outside the refrigerator, whereas the evaporator is located inside.

Any irregular noise, leak, and frost issues can be taken care of at home as long as they don’t require a complicated fix. You can fix them by yourself if you have the parts at home.

Word of caution: Whether you are buying parts online or from a retailer, don’t just buy from any seller. Refrigerator brands have dealers who sell genuine parts manufactured by the company. You should only purchase parts from these authorized dealers.

For example, if you have a Kenmore refrigerator, you can visit the company’s websites to see the list of dealers they have partnered with. If they have an authorized dealer of Kenmore refrigerator parts ufixit.com near your home, you should buy parts from there.

If you can’t locate any dealer near your house, you can search on Amazon. Refrigerator companies have authorized dealers who sell parts online as well.

If the fridge does not cool

Check the evaporator fan motor of your fridge to see if it is working, then check if the compressor is also working. Clean the condenser coils if they have gathered dust. You can order a coil brush for under $10 that can help you clean easily.

If the condenser coil is working fine, check the evaporator coil, whether it has any frost on it. If the frost is heavy on the upper side, it means that the liquid coolant is leaking somewhere. It requires professional service and advanced tools to be fixed.

The service person will drain and recharge the system to get rid of this issue after finding the source of the leak.

The Ice and Water Dispenser is not Working

If the ice and water dispenser has stopped working, the supply line pipes might be the culprit. It can stop the flow of water to the dispenser without even appearing to be broken.

Some companies also install a burst valve in the supply line that may become jammed. In this case, you need a professional to take a look at the valve.

For at-home treatment, shut down the fridge and disconnect the valve from the supply line. Then slowly turn it on to relieve the pressure. You can find a complete tutorial on YouTube to do this repair by yourself.

Buzzing Sound

The refrigerator makes some sounds during normal operations, which is fine. However, this should not mean that any sound is acceptable. Loud buzzing can have several reasons behind it, like a failing compressor, etc.

The cooling fan may also be dirty and causing the noise. If you cannot detect the source of noise, call a technician to come and take a look.

Water leaking

A leaking refrigerator is one of the most common and annoying problems for every homeowner. Leaks can add unwanted mess and worry on any given day. There is a reservoir at the fridge’s base that collects extra water.

Some condensation can get trapped rather than getting drained or evaporated in the hoses. If the drain reservoir is empty and hose blockage is the issue, you can either drain it yourself or call a professional.

Refrigerator is Warm

The refrigerator’s interior should be cool. This is what the appliance is designed to do. If your refrigerator is warm from the inside, it can make the food go bad. Condenser coils may be the reason behind this mess, so you should clean the coils after shutting down the fridge.

If the internal temperature does not return to normal, it will have to go into the hands of the servicemen.

Final word

The modern kitchen thrives with the help of a fully functional refrigerator at all times. You can increase the life of your appliance by not only caring for it but also arranging regular check-ups through a service company. This will ensure peak efficiency and also save you from unwanted breakdowns.

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