10 Research Paper Writing Tips for Sophomore Students

Research writing is a special kind of academic writing. It has even stricter rules than an essay because it has a more difficult structure with subheadings. Thus, you can come up with flawless research, but if you fail to give it the required form, you risk losing your grade.

This is the main reason why students find write my research paper services so popular and needed. People working for these companies have written hundreds of papers and know exactly how they should look to qualify for an excellent mark. However, with a few tips, every student can improve their research on their own. First of all, when you want to use the services of companies or services, look at the live feedback from customers who have already worked with the service. For example PaperWriter review.

Choose the Best Topic

Usually, students are allowed to choose a topic for their papers. You are either given a list of pre-approved options or requested to make up your own. Topic selection is a key part of the research writing assignment. You must be genuinely interested in it for your paper to look good and be interesting to the audience.

Take your time and study your options. Google some of the topics that you find the most interesting. The bigger the pool for research is, the better. The topic you select should inspire you, make you interested in digging deeper and learning more.

Look for Credible Resources

However, no matter how interesting your topic is, resources like Wikipedia do not qualify. Thus, before writing anything, you need to make sure that you have access to scholarly resources that are enough to build a solid research paper.

Resources are very important for professors. Sometimes, it seems that they check your ability to reference other academic papers more than conduct your own research. However, referencing is a part of academic writing, and there is no way you can do without it. Thus, it is better to look for literature before you get to writing.

Create an Outline

Even though having an outline is suggested for any kind of academic writing, students often skip it when they write essays. However, when it comes to research papers, outlines are essential.

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They can do much more than just define your structure and organize thoughts. A good outline will also make you stick to the topic. While writing, you can derail from the main point; it’s your outline that brings you back. Also, with it, you are constantly reminded of the importance of following the structure.

Write a Comprehensive Thesis Statement

A person who reads your paper decides on whether it is interested in this research or not based on a thesis statement. It should be catchy and attention-grabbing enough to inspire readers. A teacher will read your paper anyway. However, it is still important to make it interesting to them from the very first page.

A thesis statement is your main argument written in the introduction. This is the key sentence. The entire paper is concentrated on proving it right or wrong. This is your key task to write this statement so that it captures your readers.

Spare Enough Time

Writing a good research paper requires time. Such kind of assignment does not bear haste.   You should plan your time so that you have enough of it for researching. Otherwise, your paper will lack confidence and evidence.

Plan your week ahead, dedicating some time every day to your research. Do not write it overnight because your teacher will see the inconsistencies. Start ahead of time to finish on time. This is the best advice.

Switch Off All Distractions

If you intend to write a good paper and do not have lots of time to dedicate to writing it, manage your time properly. Realize that any distraction steals a precious resource from you. The more you react to notifications, the more time you need to focus once again.

Thus, the best way to write your paper well and fast is to switch off your phone and all the notifications. Only emergency contacts can be left unblocked. The rest of the world can wait while you are working.

Select Proper Vocabulary

When writing, you should follow all generally accepted rules of academic writing. For example, you should refrain from using the first person or slang in your paper. Instead, your sentences should be neutral and informative for a wider audience.

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You can use professional jargon but make it understandable to people who do not belong to your industry. Make sure your vocabulary is elaborate, but steer clear of idioms and phrasal verbs.

Proofread and Edit Your Paper At Least Twice

The best way to improve your research paper is to practice proofreading and editing. Do not ignore this part of the assignment. There will be some mistakes and typos that you can only rectify if you read the entire text once or twice.

Also, a good idea is to check your grammar and spelling using online software. Such checkers will help you spot the most common mistakes and improve your writing based on automated suggestions. However, this is not enough; you still need a human proofread.

Format and Reference

Read the guidelines to your paper carefully to make sure you follow them to the dot. Professors write rubrics for you to follow them. If you don’t, be ready to lose some points.

Normally, such instructions contain information concerning structure requirements, formatting, and referencing as well. Be sure you cite all of the resources used in the style requested in the brief. Also, follow all formatting specifications for your paper to look professional. This is really important.

Check for Plagiarism

Weird as it is, sometimes your paper fails a plagiarism check even if you are 100% sure you did not steal any ideas. There is so much content on the Internet that it is now hard to claim that the paper is original until a plagiarism checker proves it.

Thus, do take this step and finalize your writing with a proper check for plagiarism. Pay close attention to any place that gets highlighted. It is always better to rephrase it and check once again than submit a research paper with plagiarized sentences. You’ll save yourself lots of nerve cells.

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