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All You Need to Know About A9 Algorithm

Amazon A9 algorithm should be your buzzword if you are a seller on Amazon online store. It is your ladder to success on Amazon and be among the top sellers. Here is all you need to know about A9.

What is A9?

A9 is basically the search engine’s name on Amazon. When customers visit Amazon, they type words in its search engine to find their products. This Amazon algorithm, if used effectively from SEO point of view, it can boost page rankings of your products, increase your visibility as an Amazon seller and drive more traffic to your products, thereby, increasing your conversion rate and sales.

How Does A9 Work?

A9 follows a somewhat similar concept as the Google search engine, the key difference being that it is solely meant for Amazon optimization. When customers perform a search through some keywords on Amazon, A9 algorithm tries to find the optimal match based on the item’s level of relevancy and performance.

How to Crack the A9 Code?

The optimal combination of relevancy and performance is the key to cracking A9 code.

There are various parameters that define the optimal relevance:

  • Good product title, description and bullet points with right keyword insertion
  • High image quality
  • Reputation of seller/brand name

The factors which are related to optimal performance are:

  • Sales performance history – higher the sales, more advantageous it is.
  • Product availability (in/out of stock) – higher the stock, better it is.
  • Product price in comparison to other sellers
  • Quick order processing speed
  • Timely shipping and delivery
  • Lower refund/cancellation rate
  • Positive customer reviews and quick resolution of customer queries
  • Budget spent on advertising and promotions
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All these factors together impact the rankings of products on Amazon. It is believed that the A9 algorithm 2020 will witness more updates. Amazon’s A10 algorithm has already created a buzz because it is expected to be an improvement over A9. It will see more importance being given to relevancy to a user’s search; sellers with a larger and diverse product catalog;  number of impressions (product ad by Amazon on the webpage of the customer); PPC sales, click-through rates, off-site sales (Amazon product links on blogs and other websites) and conversion rate.

A9 and A10 algorithms are quite similar, but the factors are weighed differently in A10. The focus will also be on inserting the keywords in a more engaging and relevant manner instead of just stuffing the title or descriptions with the best-performing ones. While A10 will definitely bring changes, it is believed that competitive pricing will still remain the driving factor.

If you want to implement the best SEO strategy for Amazon and leverage A9/A10 in your favour, it is advisable to seek professional Amazon Marketing Services from reputed and authorized e-commerce consulting and marketing agencies. They can guide you with a customized and scalable A9 algorithm strategy.

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