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How To Make A Funny Gift For A Loved One

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes prove tricky, some people prefer books, others love candles, and some have a penchant for clothing. There is one style of present that covers these categories and more – the novelty gift. Adding a humorous twist to a present will leave your loved ones giggling with mirth. A dash of customisation thrown into the mix will transform your gift into an unforgettable one.

Whether you are searching for that ideal present for an uncle who has just about everything, for your gran who loves a good chuckle, or for your bestie who loves a great laugh, this list is just for you. A compilation of the funniest, quirkiest gifts we could find, some of which even allow you to add your own special touch.

So let’s not dally further, come with us as we dive in and take a look at exactly how to make a funny gift for a loved one.

Selfie Toasters

Toast is a time-old breakfast staple that people enjoy around the world, and so far customising toast has only gone as far as allowing the toast-maker to choose how well done they want their toast – lightly browned or burnt to a crisp. Until now, that is. A selfie toaster is a real game-changer. Order your toaster and upload a photo of your loved one to have a one-of-a-kind grill made, and that’s all there is to it! The recipient of your gift may be a little perplexed as to why you are giving them a toaster until they make that first slice. Imagine their surprise when the first piece pops up with the image of their face grilled into it! Breakfast will never be the same again.

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Kid Quotes Wall Art

Perfect for mums, dads, and grandparents of young kids, kid quotes wall art is the ideal way to freeze time and have a good giggle. If there is a child in the family chances are they have come up with a few pretty hilarious quotes or words that the entire family knows and often chuckles about. Perhaps little Sam refers to eyebrows as “eyebrowns”, or Jess always tells her brother he is getting on her “nerds” (nerves). Having these little quotes printed onto an elegant watercolour background and framed to hang on the wall not only makes for a stylish and sentimental gift, but it is also a pretty funny one.

Custom Accessories

Whether it’s backpacks, notepads, socks, or even underwear, there is a fun accessory that everyone makes use of, these particular ones, from however, come with a twist. Not only do they let you select the product of your choice and allow you to choose from one of the many hilarious themes on offer, but, you can also upload a quirky photo of your loved one. Once combined with your chosen theme, the images of your family member’s face will be printed onto the accessory, in full colour, leaving you with an unforgettable gift that will have people rolling with laughter. You can even add your dog or cat’s face to the pair of custom socks, backpack, or travel mug.

Fish Slippers

While these don’t allow you to customise them, they do take the cake when it comes to novelty. Ideal for dads, grandpas, brothers, or uncles who love to fish, this set of slippers are lightweight and waterproof and can be worn outdoors. Fashioned to look like a pair of very realistic trout, these unique shoes will have passersby looking on with horror, or holding back their laughter.

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Personalised Money Tins and Clips

Ideal for the big spenders in the house these humorous money tins make for a great laugh. Designed to encourage saving, they come with a tongue-in-cheek quote and allow you to have the recipient’s name printed on them too. The converse of these, of course, is quirky money clips that encourage spending and that also come with cheeky little sayings that can be customised to include your family member’s names.

Cheeky Candles

Custom candles are a great way to give someone a gift that is functional but incredibly funny too. These useful gifts can be found in a vast assortment, some allow you to customise them completely, adding in your own quote and names, while others provide a vast array of little sayings to choose from. These usually cover every topic from toilet humour to jokes, and even witty remarks, ensuring that there is a funny candle to suit every personality. Other candles take it as far as offering scents that are not of the norm, coming in an assortment of what most would refer to as an odour, rather than a fragrance, from dirt, and vomit, to rotten eggs, and mouldy socks.

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