New vs. Old Apartment: Pros and Cons

Buying an apartment or any other property is an important milestone in a person’s life. However, when purchasing an apartment, there are various things that you need to consider. Apart from the location, you also have to think about the number of rooms, area, cost, and other facilities available.

In addition to this, you may have the option of either buying a new or old apartment. Each of these options has pros and cons.

New Apartment

A new apartment offers various facilities for its inhabitants. Apart from this, such apartments provide a luxurious lifestyle to their owners.

With new apartments, we see that architects are coming up with unique designs to make the most out of the limited space available. Moreover, with an environment-conscious approach, we see them incorporating nature into their designs. For instance, new apartments in Kew offer a modern and minimalist lifestyle. Such apartments have vertical gardens as well.

Here are the pros and cons of buying a new apartment.


  • Maintenance for a new apartment is less. This reason compels buyers to invest in a new apartment instead of an old one.
  • Nowadays, new apartments come equipped with facilities, such as gyms, pools, working areas, parking, etc.
  • New apartments offer more outdoor space for the inhabitants. Moreover, with vertical gardens, you can enjoy nature in the comfort of your apartment.


  • It may be more expensive than other properties. Hence, you may find yourself spending more on the same type of property.
  • The location of the new apartment may not be suitable for you. Such properties may be in areas that require development.
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Old Apartment

Buying an old apartment may discourage some people because they have to think about maintenance and other things. However, with a little investment, you can increase the value of an old apartment. If you are planning to rent out the apartment, this is a good of making a small investment for higher gains.

Usually, old apartments are in locations that are already populated. Old apartments have larger floor plans, making them an attractive option for buyers. Despite this, such properties may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are the pros and cons of buying an old apartment.


  • Old apartments tend to be cheaper and are more affordable compared with new apartments.
  • These apartments may also have lower corporation fees and other charges.
  • Older apartments are often bigger, offering more rooms, big lounging areas, and a larger kitchen.
  • Old apartments are not as crowded as newer apartments, offering more space. Normally, older apartments have around ten units. Hence, you will not have the problem of noisy neighbors.


  • Old apartments may not have facilities such as parking, pools, and gyms. Hence, you may have to spend extra on these facilities.
  • These apartments may require more maintenance and care. In the long-run, you may end up spending more.


While considering the pros and cons, the choice of buying a new or an old apartment depends on your preference. Factors such as budget, location, and size of the apartment determine which property you buy.

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