Top 5 iOS Development Trends For Business in 2020

The year 2020 marks the start of a new decade, and a lot will develop in the technological field. You’ll likely observe troubles all over, be it websites, mobile apps, business apps, or different kinds of custom programming.

Mainly when it derives to the development landscape for iOS apps, many trends are expected to rely upon to become a wildly successful this year and beyond. If some of them have been around for a couple of years, others will show up for the first time.

After going through the different statistics and facts, it’s time to get into different trends to look at the evolution of iOS apps in 2020.

The Growth Of Swift 5:

Apple announced the Swift 5 programming language, which has a constant binary application interface (ABI) and binary compatibility. Likewise, Swift libraries are now combined into the present and future forms of iOS, macOS, TVOS and Wearable OS. With these applications will be littler and simpler to create as designers won’t need to incorporate these libraries any more. You will most likely observe each iOS application development business engaging this language to develop excessive apps for the platform.

AR And VR Transform Applications:

The innovative technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality will no longer be limited to games and video experiences. You will have a more significant impact on the iOS applications of the future as AR and VR based functionalities are used more and more. Apple has ArKit, specially designed for the development of standalone iOS applications integrated into AR. This year, companies will try to create new applications with these functions or combine them with existing ones.

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Connected Objects And Iot Will Boom:

IoT has the potential to change mobility by connecting mechanical, digital and IT devices and allowing them to exchange data and information seamlessly. Combined with portable devices, these applications can empower businesses and open up new growth opportunities for them. As a result, any company developing iPhone applications will experience a growing demand for portable and IoT applications. Apple HomeKit is an application officially considered suitable for creating these applications.

Big Data Is Becoming More Important Than Ever:

Another trend that will enter the iOS application development landscape in 2020 is the introduction of big data. Businesses want applications capable of capturing user data that provide actionable information. In the future, with every decision being data-driven, integrating big data into business applications is the smartest thing companies can do. The integration of Big Data allows developers to create compelling, robust and scalable iOS applications.

Security Will Be A Significant Concern:

A trend that has always existed and will continue to focus on application security. While Apple is known for its built-in features that provide complete application security, developers will take it a step further to make applications more secure than ever. The release of iOS 13 marks an essential step in this direction, as developers can now integrate ATS – App Transport Security (ATS) for each application they develop.


Given these innovative trends, which are expected to be signed this year, companies need to do a lot to prepare. The best way to do this is to work with a professional iPhone application development company that has the right level of expertise and experience in the industry. Code Creators Inc, is a name you can trust when you create iOS apps that take your business to the next level. In addition to creating high-tech applications with trend functions, we also support you in the evaluation and realignment of existing applications in order to adapt them to current trends and user expectations. Express your needs, and we will help you!

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