Tourist and Tourism: Current Trends of Traveling Worldwide

Courtesy of the ongoing pandemic, the year 2020 has been nothing short of a nightmare. Everything was turned upside down this year as the virus spread its roots throughout the world. What started with a few cases discovered in Wuhan soon morphed into thousands of them spread worldwide. Thus, the word travel got eliminated from our dictionaries this year altogether. Every state and country closed its borders, and every airline halted its flights.

However, with scientists hard at work and WHO dealing with the current crisis, there is hope in defeating the virus. So, everybody is preparing themselves for a post-corona world. They are looking up for better jobs, studies, and more.


Perhaps the most significant trend of 2020 is to travel for academics, getting to your respective campuses, and then be quarantined for two weeks in your dormitory. People worldwide are expanding their horizons by opting for new degrees to prove highly beneficial once this virus bids us farewell. For example, universities are witnessing high enrollment rates for hospitality and tourism degrees online. Soon after this lockdown, people will rush to leave their homes and reach tourism offices to begin the longing adventure. Thus, candidates are pursuing online programs to get desirable jobs in this industry. 


To travel in 2020 means to be in a constant battle against The Virus. Everything that we once overlooked has to be paid attention to, such as human contact, surfaces, ventilation, etc. Airports all across the globe have started taking appropriate precautionary measures, and their implementation is essential.

These measures involve wearing face masks at all times, keeping a 6 feet distance and avoiding human contact, and holding your hands clad in gloves. Moreover, there are also non-contact temperature assessment devices at every corner to ensure that nobody is depicting a high fever. It is one of the critical indications that one has contracted the virus. Additionally, travelers have also started taking their food and water with them and staying as far away as possible. They avoid touching surfaces. The trending practice in traveling is to wipe down every place with sanitized wipe alcohol pads.


We live in a world of technology; there is no denying. It aids us in our simplest of acts such as checking the weather, reading news, keeping up to date on current world affairs, and so on. Thus, it is no surprise that people hardly take a trip down to the airport or travel agents’ anymore to book a trip. Everything starting from choosing the airline to settling upon your hotels is taken care of online. Online bookings are the trend, and everyone is becoming an active part of it. Many sites help users book their trips online. 


This year is about developing new mindsets and taking care of ourselves and the planet. Due to years’ worth of negligence, our world has suffered immensely. Fortunately, however, after a flood of petitions, organizations, influencers, celebrities, movements, rallies, and whatnot, our people are finally aware of fighting for The Planet and taking part in protecting it from any potential harm.

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It includes choosing sustainable tourism. Research by “” has highlighted that around 72% of people have altered their traveling ways and opted for sustainable tourism and travel. Accordingly, tour and travel companies have adopted their travel plans that fulfill the needs of these clients. These adjustments involve environmentally friendly hotels, using solar panels, keeping away from activities that contribute to carbon dioxide emission such as burning of wood, and so on. Travelers have also adapted habits of saying no to plastic.


The need for sustainability has, in turn, birthed the concept of transformative travel, which is a current trend that has gained significant popularity. Transformative traveling includes the traveler to use their trip for their leisure and also as a way to give back to the world by volunteering in different activities. Those who adopt this new style join classes where they can learn new skills. Cooking or wilderness can also join various movements that benefit others, such as Anti-Global Warming movements and more. They try to blend in and become a part of the culture of their travel destination. It has also enabled some travelers to change their sleeping, eating, and clothing habits. It has proven to be highly beneficial not only socially but also economically.


For ages, people believed that only couples and friends groups plan long journeys. However, this stereotype refers to the concept of Solo Travel. This way of traveling is a therapeutic experience for many. People regard it as a journey of self-healing and embark with all compassion. Whoever adopts this style claims to be stronger, more confident, and a new and better version of themselves. This claim also gets cemented by psychologists who recommend solo traveling to their patients. Naturally, travel companies have incorporated this new ideology in their routine. They have made safe, solo traveling a readily available option for those who seek it. Solo traveling includes one-on-one experiences such as yoga classes, cooking classes, adventure sports, and meditative and relaxing activities contributing to the clients’ growth and health.

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Overall, the tourism industry has developed significantly over the last decade. It has adopted new trends and the current affairs of the world. With much research, they have made sure to keep their clients’ needs as their topmost priority and have thus, morphed their travel plans accordingly. Moreover, with enough research, one can personalize their trip according to what they want to be and avoid any negative experiences.

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