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Why Should Real Estate Agents Run PPC Ads?

Many businesses are well aware of the benefits of digital marketing, however, not all are fully equipped with the knowledge to select the best practice for their business. Digital marketing is a vast field with enormous opportunities to market your business online. Even service providers have the opportunity to generate leads via digital marketing. Similarly, real estate agents have a good hit to increase their clients by running PPC ads.

What are PPC ads?

PPC ads are also known as “Pay Per Click”. As the name suggests that whenever a person clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged with a certain amount that is directly deducted from his account. PPC ads are placed on different search engines, following their keywords and their target market. For instance, a real estate agent wants to run an ad for a home rental service. The best way to advertise it online is by running PPC real estate ads.

There are many ways in which a realtor can run online ads, like social media, SEO, and PPC. However, what is most suitable for him depends on his marketing requirements. In the case of getting leads, in a short period, the best suggestion is to run a PPC ad campaign.

Why run a PPC ad instead of doing SEO?

SEO is a quality-oriented but a long term process. SEO requires more time, services, and strategies to get a good search engine ranking. Considering the difference between SEO and PPC, SEO is aimed to improve the web ranking which then helps in obtaining more leads to the website, however, PPC is a short term approach where you may rank your website at the top of search results by paying a certain amount. Similarly, real estate agents aiming to get quick leads might not have time to go for SEO instead it is best for them to select PPC for the time being.

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There are many companies following the same strategy. They invest in PPC ads to get quick results. This indicates a competitive market for PPC ads. If a lot of real estates agents are running PPC ads then it becomes difficult to rank all of them in the top search results. So what do they do?

How to run a PPC ad campaign?

Where there is a tough competition then you have to revise your strategy. For the PPC campaign, your strategy revolves around your industrial keywords and your target market. For instance, a real estate agent wants to run an ad on home rental services in Toronto, then he will target Toronto locals to get them to see their ad first. Now there might be other agencies advertising for the same service in the same locality, how to beat all of them? Here comes the keyword game.

Keywords are the important words that a user types while searching for a query. If a Toronto local searches for, nearby rental homes realtor, then these are the keywords that realtors can work on. It all depends on the searcher’s query, if your keywords match your audience query, your chances of appearing on top are high.

There is another way to get the best ad position, which is by bidding the highest price for those keywords. The agencies that pay the most get the most out of their PPC campaign. It does not indicate a loss on your advertising budget, instead, it enhances your chance of getting a higher ROI.

A PPC ad cost may vary depending on your marketing niche and your keywords, however, it must be noticed that if it costs $1 per click then after 5 or 6 clicks you might get a lead worth $100, exceeding your overall investment. This is how PPC works best for realtors.

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PPC is not an ordinary marketing service but requires professional expertise that can either be hired or outsourced. It is good to outsource it from a renowned real estate PPC agency that can ensure you guaranteed results within time. It might seem expensive but it is worth doing so.

For real estate agents getting a client is the main point. It does not matter how much they have to pay for getting it in a short time because of each client matters. The worth of one client might be high covering more profits. Hence, it is recommended for all real estate agents to focus upon PPC ads rather than investing in any other long term service for short term results.

There are many ways to advertise online but all vary depending on your marketing needs. If you want to make your branding game strong, the ideal situation is to boost your brand name via a social media campaign. If you want to get more leads you can also get it through social media ads but if you are desperate for getting a local client within a time limit, it is recommended to run a PPC ad.  PPC ad appears on the search results not necessarily on social profiles.

A proposal on how and why real estate agents should consider running PPC ads instead of doing SEO for obtaining potential leads in a short time.

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