10 Biggest Moving Mistakes you’ll want to Avoid

Moving to another state, city, or even a new apartment can be a stressful ordeal. There is a lot of stuff you need to account for, and Murphy’s Law is more in effect than usual. AKA everything that can go wrong will go wrong. If only moving was as simple as getting your Cox internet packages transferred to your new address. But it isn’t. You have to find a place, pack up your stuff, get it to the new place, unpack, get things in order, and arrange for utilities like heat, light, and internet.

If you aren’t careful while moving, you could end up losing valuable possessions, and nobody likes that. But don’t worry. If you avoid these common mistakes while moving, you are more likely to arrive safely and whole on the other side. Read on to find out more.

Not Asking the Movers for a Quote

If you’re handling the entire moving process yourself, you can skip this part. But if, like most people, you intend to use a moving service, then asking for a quote upfront is crucial. An estimate in writing gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect from your moving costs.

Forgetting to Make a Checklist

People often think they can remember everything. That includes every item they own in their current house and everything needed to move successfully. However, the actual moving part will soon show you otherwise. Unless you have a moving checklist, you’ll be doing things inefficiently. At best, you’ll mess up schedules and disrupt the process. At worst, you could end up losing things you own and forgetting things that you can’t come back for.

Not Signing Up for Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is what protects you and your valuables in case something goes wrong. However, don’t be tempted to forego it simply because it costs you a few extra bucks. The peace of mind and security moving insurance offers is essential and reduces the risk of you losing money.

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Handing Over Valuable Items to Movers

Most movers refuse to handle expensive and valuable items, such as jewelry or designer watches. This is because they don’t want to end up with the trouble of losing them. Even if your chose moving service has no problem handling valuables, you should still keep them with you. You never know when something could go missing, and it would be virtually impossible to track it down again.

Not Measuring Large Furniture and Items

Does anyone remember the scene from Friends where Ross, Rachel, and Chandler are trying to get a couch up the narrow stairs but failing? You could end up stuck with a large piece of furniture that doesn’t fit as well. Measuring things like beds, sofas, tables, and bookshelves is very important. It will let you know if these things can fit into your new home, letting you get rid of items that won’t. In any case, it beats being stuck in a stairwell shouting “Pivot!” at the top of your voice.

Forgetting to Prepare Your Pets for the Move

If you don’t have pets, then you can move onto the next section. But if you have a furry/feathery/scaly friend or two around your home, you may want to ensure you prep them for the move. Shorter distances aren’t usually a problem, but moving across the state or country could be. Make sure your pets have had all their shots, keep a copy of their veterinary records, and put identification tags on them wherever possible. It also wouldn’t hurt to look into medication that could help your pets with motion sickness over long distances.

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Not Packing a Survival Kit for Personal Use

Things can go wrong during a move. You could get lost. Your car could break down. The movers could be a few hours late to your new home. You might think there’s nothing you can do about these situations but there is, and that’s being prepared. A personal survival kit can help you get through those long hours of waiting. The kit should have things like battery banks, toiletries, and flashlights, can openers, maps, and anything your kids need to sleep.

Neglecting to Clean Out and Fix Up Your Old Home

Just because you’re moving to a new place does not mean you should neglect the old one. Before moving out, you should set aside a portion of time to fix up your old place. That means giving your old home a deep clean, some basic repairs, and pay off any outstanding utility bills.

Having Stacks of Unlabeled Boxes

Clearly labeling all of your boxes during packing and moving will make things a lot easier when you finally unpack. Instead of opening random boxes to find what you’re looking for, simply look at the labels. This will let your unpacking proceed smoothly and with less frustration.

Forgetting to Switch Services to Your New Address

Finally, you should remember to notify important service providers of your change in address. For example, you need to tell your internet provider to move your 100 Mbps plan to your new location. You may need to tell your Credit Card Company and bank about your new address as well. Work with your physician and caregivers to get references to clinics and healthcare professionals near your new home. You should also talk to the post office about forwarding your mail to your new address.

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