15 WordPress Plugins to Increase Engagement with Readers

Do you have a content-rich WordPress website that you believe will help boost your business profits? Developing a feature and content-rich website is definitely the first step, but you cannot increase your conversions if you have not maximized the engagement on your website. You need to continually work on expanding and improving user engagement so that the readers convert into customers.

WordPress plugin development makes life easier for you. You can choose from a variety of plugins, add it to the website, and optimize it for engagement. The idea is to improve user experience, make it more relevant for your target audience, and make them want to spend more time on your website.

#1 Disqus

Who doesn’t like a good discussion? If you give your readers an excellent platform to discuss, you are likely to increase your engagement. Disqus helps you give your comments section a stylish layout. You can use your social login to sign up with this plugin and post your comments on the post. Voting or adding comments to a particular thread is possible with this plugin. With easy coding options and multilingual options, this plugin is a must-have for your website.

#2 Super Socializer 

You need a plugin that not only supports social media but also incorporates all the regular social media updates and trends. With super socializer, you don’t need the other individual social media plugins, as all the functionality is bundled into this one plugin. This plugin offers a range of features that include social sharing, share counters, social login etc. You can even customize the tool to meet your requirements 

#3 Geotargeting WP

For a content-rich website like yours, it simply means you can target your posts to a certain audience located in certain parts of the world. This is particularly useful to the travel and news websites as well as the marketing agencies who want to market their products to a particular region. You can even use this plugin to automatically redirect the website to the preferred language, in case of multilingual websites

#4 Ninja Forms

Contact forms are a great way to understand the user’s preferences and know what they are looking for from your website. You can use Ninja forms to customize the contact form to match your needs. Being an easy drag-n-drop tool, it will help you with data collection as well as with growing your email list. 

#5 BuzzStream

Influencer marketing is the way to build your social media audience and increase conversions for your brand. Add Buzzstream to your website, and know the influencers in your niche, and start building relationships with them for better outreach. This plugin allows your team to collaborate over outreach by giving them a single database to work on. You can easily organize the projects and manage content using earned media for better engagement and conversions. 

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#6 BBPress

Forums are a great way to increase engagement, and what better way to integrate forums than activating BBPress, the plugin that benchmarks forums for your website. Easy-to-customize offers impressive management tools and supports Akismet, the plugin that keeps the spammers at bay, the BBPress plugin is lightweight, stylish and pretty too. Start meaningful conversations with this plugin!

#7 Yoast SEO Premium

Engagement is directly proportional to the time people spend on your website, and you need to make them spend as much time as possible on the site. That’s why you need Yoast SEO premium. It helps with internal linking and suggests ways in which you can keep the user looped into your website. With the crosslinking process automated for your website, you will see more engagement as a result.

#8 WordPress AMP

The performance of your website needs to be considered to increase the engagement on your website WordPress AMP plugin will help improve the website’s performance and user experience along with mobile devices, thus increasing the amount of time the user spends on your website. The reason being, the users can easily navigate through the pages, read the articles on mobile, and not wait for a particular page to load. 

#9 Bibblio

Have you ever entered a website to read one particular content, and then stayed there for a long while then you had planned because you saw other interesting pieces of content? Bibblio is the plugin that will help you engage your audience by showing them relevant content. You can keep showing them relevant articles that will keep them interested in your website. 

#10 OptinMonster

You need to create subscribers off the visitors, who have chanced upon your website. Optin Monster is the plugin for you. You can use the geo-targeting method or, simple pop-up techniques to get people to opt for your emails or newsletters. The opt-in marketing tactics introduced with this plugin are hassle-free, easy to incorporate and does not bother the visitor’s user experience. 

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#11 Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

If you believe that the people visiting your blog to comment are interested in a particular type of post, then you can get them to subscribe to a particular post. Each time the post is updated with a comment, or there are relevant posts on the subject, then the subscriber will be notified about it. This will increase engagement and improve conversations on your website. 

#12 One Signal

Get your visitors to not only opt-in for your emails, but also the desktop notifications. So, every time you post new content, they will receive a notification from you. This way they can stay connected with your website, and you can keep them engaged.

#13 Contest Hopper

Another great way to engage the users is by running contests on your website. Everyone loves a good contest. Contest Hopper allows you to add and customize the contest forms to your WordPress site. You can add the contest rules, the timeframe and other details that you want your audience to know of, to this form. Sharing the contest is also made easy with this plugin. 

#14 MailChimp

Marketing your content to the subscribers and letting them know what’s new on your website is another way of increasing engagement. MailChimp plugin makes it easier for you to create targeted email campaigns, automate the follow-up to your campaigns, and refine your products based on your customer’s preferences and interests.  

#15 Yet Another Stars Rating

Trust is a strong factor, one that ensures a good amount of engagement on your website. If influencers or the online community commend your work, then people will visit your website and stay there for a long while. You can build trust within the online community by adding the “Yet another Stars Rating” plugin to your website. The readers can share their ratings and review, which will help visitors engage with your posts. 

Summing up

If you have a content-rich website, you need to engage the visitors using all aspects such as social sharing, discussions, contests, subscriptions etc. Using the right mix of plugins will help give out an enriching experience that will help the users engage the right way, and increase website conversions for you. Create your plugin with WordPress plugin development service, in case you don’t want to use any of the off-the-shelf plugins.

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