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3 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Property Rented Faster

Finding a place to call home that’s not actually your forever home is kind of a bummer. It also means that for it to be worth the price tag, tenants are set on finding the perfect space that meets near to all of their high demands in a rental home.

After all, they will be paying quite a bit for something that’s only temporary. In the attempt to meet the changing demands of today’s pickiest applicants, landlords are tasked with finding new ways to advertise their properties for target tenants. If you’re a landlord struggling to maintain renter interest in your property buildings, consider the following strategies:

Step 1: Take Good Pictures 

Most of the time, potential renters are looking online for their next temporary home. In today’s quarantined world, online shopping has hit an all-time high, and this includes browsing for rental properties. Especially today, it’s quite an ordeal to set up an in-person showing and then follow through with an official application process. Digital showings are also a pain, as they are difficult to plan for, and don’t give you the same feel as being in the place itself. Since it’s such a hassle to browse for rentals, most potential renters are willing to skim through listings and only pursue those that really stand out to them.

This is convenient for the apartment hunters, but not for the competing landlords. If you’re in the middle of the competition, you need to find ways to make your ads pop. To truly make your listings stand out, the first step is to take good photos. Make sure the rooms are photographed in the best photo lighting, that the furnishings are clean and well-oriented in the rooms, and that all images are of high-quality and visual clarity. Veer away from posting pictures of the brown carpet, outdated washer and dryer, and patched walls left to rot in Unit 3. Instead, highlight the property’s strengths. Does your place have south-facing windows? Is there a patio or porch off of the unit? Focus on these aspects to gain interest. The right tenant won’t mind the shortcomings if you know how to sell the highlights of your property.

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Step 2: Make Informative Listings

It’s annoying to have to call and ask about property features and policies that should already be stated in the listing. Are you pet-friendly? What exactly is the pet rent? Is there central A/C? What is the security deposit? What’s the security system like? What is your policy on a rental credit check or eviction histories?

To avoid annoying your potential tenants as well as yourself with constant inquiries of the same questions, take time to post all of this information in the ads you create. The more details you include, the better.

Step 3: Offer Enticing Deals

It’s typical for both new and seasoned landlords to rent faster by using selling tactics like different kinds of move-in specials to gain potential interest. You might consider a “first-month free” option for tenants willing to sign before the end of the month, a common sighting in the summer months. Other ideas for fast renting include waiving security deposits, paying for the application fee, and waiving poor credit with alternatives like having tenants provide letters of recommendation from previous landlords.

Be as flexible as you can be without ignoring your own property management needs. You also want to include perks in the rental agreement that may not be included elsewhere. Making your property pet-friendly, as one example, is a sure-fire way to gain interest, as more people today are looking to better their mental health with a furry friend.

3 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Property Rented Faster

The main idea is to find original ways to appeal to your potential tenants. Make the pursuit of quality your best friend, and make your photos, listings, and policies, exceptional.

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