4 Consultants Every Thriving Business Needs After 100 Employees

As businesses grow, so do their needs for a variety of experts. Some things become more of an issue when you surpass 100 employees, and the stakes will certainly be higher. You should have the following four consulting specialties on your team.

Public Relations Consultant

Smaller businesses can do without a public relations consultant, as any missteps are unlikely to cause a widely reported scandal. As your company grows, however, so will its influence and the potential impact a blunder could have on your brand. A public relations consultant’s job is to monitor and improve your public image as well as do damage control when something goes wrong. They can help you spread the word about your products and form a positive relationship with your customers.

Strategy Consultant

Now that your business has grown to a significant size, crafting a more careful and comprehensive business strategy is in order. Without one, it is far too easy to make poor business choices that risk derailing all you’ve worked to build. Running a company of hundreds is not the same as running a small startup with only a few employees. A business strategy consultant will work with top executives to steer the company in the right direction, improve operations, and reduce costs and more.

HR Consultant

Having over 100 employees is a big responsibility. Although your company should have dedicated HR staff by this point, a management consulting firm can help improve your HR department and effectively scale your talent needs to match your business growth. Disputes between employees, hiring, firing, payroll and management of employee benefits will all become more complicated the larger your business grows. Your HR department and your managers could likely use some help to meet those challenges.

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Legal Consultant

Specialists in different areas can have a tremendously positive impact on your business. Their expert knowledge can help you avoid mistakes, make the right decisions and keep your business moving forward. The challenges and stakes grow as your company does, but with the right help you can rise to meet them.

Legal consultation becomes even more important as your company surpasses 100 employees. While you probably consulted an attorney to incorporate your business, you likely have not been as concerned with professional legal advice since then. This changes when your company grows, as you will need legal aid for drafting contracts, handling employment legalities, forging partnerships with other companies and more. Navigating legal issues the correct way can significantly decrease the chances of costly lawsuits and negative publicity later.


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