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4 Reasons to Use Clever Animations in Video Marketing

Being the content creators, we have many responsibilities on our shoulders. Following the trend, creating unique ideas, keeping the reach scale high, and catching the audience’s attention are few of them. But how anyone can come up with trendy ideas daily and that too, no one has ever thought of before. Unfortunately, not all the videos go viral, but does that mean we can let our content sink into dust? No way.

Content grows because of creative ideas. If you have innovative ideas, but don’t know how to display it, then it will never get attention. Therefore, today or tomorrow, you’ll have to move to animated content. Animations are the illusions of movement that gives your idea a new life. These real-life ideas are in the trend for the past few years, helping the content stretching to its roots. Hence, if you can’t keep your content alive, how do you expect it to grow?

Talking about video marketing is itself a viable approach, but how would it manage to reach the highest insights. This blog will tell you how!

Using animations in video marketing is not the newest trend. However, you can call it a “not-coming-slow” pattern. This has been in trend for a long, and still, no substitute for this has been seen. But using animations within video marketing can be challenging. When it comes to animation in a video, both content and graphical skills are necessary. What to do and how to do are not just the questions here. Will the content trend and what is irreplaceable is the real challenge here.

Making content is always a fun task, but does the audience feel the same way? If you need to ensure that your content is getting reach it deserves, then creating an extra-ordinary story becomes essential. That’s where animations come for the rescue with its tactics.

  1. Animations explain everything

It won’t be wrong to say that animated videos gain a lot more attention than a regular video. Why? Because animations help the audience understand without making them feel annoyed. Animation helps people learn faster than anything. We all have heard “I hear and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.” Here both the “see and do” part is played by the animations these days. Let’s say your client wants you to design a car motion logo (moving car logo that changes its color too, for example). How will you provide your client with the real effect in a jpeg image? This is where logo animation expertise is required.

Developing content is more about telling the audience a story, where, in the end, we hope to gain the viewers’ vote. Either you’re selling a product or providing a service, your customer would demand visual evidence of what you are promising. Because no matter how far your marketing goes or how strong words salesperson uses, the customer will need visual proof. Previously, catalogs would have been doing this job. But after the growing digital marketing industry, we daily came up with new ideas to make easy-things-easier for our customers. You will need help from animation to take your potential client in confidence.

With growing competition by unlimited digital marketers, any product or service needs to satisfy its customer to the fullest. Thus, using animations not only capture the audience’s interest, but it also helps in spreading words. Either it is an educational video or just a product selling advertisement video, everything needs logic. And animations support converting logic into concept making the facts enjoyable.

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How animation helps simplifies the procedure of understanding

  • Minimizes the time and resources required for marketing
  • Gives product or service provider unique identity
  • Familiar to all age groups
  • Lightens the intensity of the concept.
  1. Animation attracts a broader audience.

If you wish to gain more audience without any age restriction, then you expect your content creators to develop something user-friendly for all age groups. The companies that provide products or services that need a good description will need all forms of content. Either it’s textual or pictorial, or in the way of video, they will.

Animations in videos benefit you by improving the visitor’s time duration spent on your content. With the help of such impressions on the content or website, you strengthen customer satisfaction and help search engines optimize. Using animated videos on your site has 50% higher chances to shown on Google SERPs. Although Google now controls the YouTube videos flow. Plus, a significant increase has been demonstrated on video influence on your position.

This is how it works:

  • Add catchy titles and their descriptions.
  • For SEO, enhance your YouTube videos.
  • Linking your website with the video
  • Sharing your videos on your social media platforms

With the extensive growth in video marketing and countless creative ideas, people are more encouraged to create content. For example, if you’re uploading hundreds of animated videos on your website. But it is not receiving satisfactory reach on your website; then the only reason can be the ‘bad quality animation”. These are produced as a result of limited resources or lower budgets. At this point, you need to approach a professional video animation company.

If you have assigned an expert videographer for your product marketing, what will make your video content different? Previously, highly paid advertisement agencies did that job, but with animation, you can skip all hassle and still go viral.

  1. Animations’ limit is the sky

With the animations, you can reach the next level of creativity. Because animation allows you to create content beyond any boundary. However, it isn’t meant to produce false marketing or things that will never exist in the real world. But it will help the customer in understating your words without you speaking. Animations allow you to have unlimited fantasies by keeping the viewer capabilities in mind. You cannot tell your customer that they get wings with an energy drink. But you can show them the unlimited energy they can get from it.

But why do only animated videos get all the hype and not the regular content? The reason is that textual content is boring. People don’t have much time reading the whole skit to understand. They can just view the ad in second and move on. Similarly, if a company launches a new product, they cannot make changes in the regular videos. However, with animated videos, you can use the same character and still introduce your new product. Because when any company uses the animated character for product display, it becomes its identity. It’s easy for people to remember a funny character than a model.

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Similarly, whiteboard animations are all about telling your audience a story that is somehow related to them. In which they can put themselves at your character places. Because what seems impossible in real life, you can always be done in the animation world.

What animations you can use

  • You can create animated characters
  • Generate animated GIFs
  • Design animated emoji
  • Make animated logos, and much more.
  1. Animations rule the digital world today

Animations today are ruling the digital marketing world. Need to promote service, create an animated video. It shows each step about how the procedure works, and get your lead in minutes. Video animations have made digital marketing much easy than we have ever thought. It saves a lot of time and energy. We previously used to waste on setting up locations, backgrounds, shootings, editing, and such other things. It has reduced the work of 5-10 members team into just 1 or 2. Not only the time, but it is saving a lot more money than we think. Compare paying ten members with just one.

One thing that needs excellent attention is the usage of colors. Brands these days’ uses their product identity colors in animated characters for branding purposes; the same colors are used in their logos and other business stationery too. The reach you get on your website can be seen by the views you get on your animated video. Some companies look for ways to make their audience understand difficult concepts. For example, bank policies or insurance procedures; thus, they use animated videos to make it easier for all users.

Animation helps in bringing simple ideas into reality. It saves a lot of time by transforming hours into minutes. For example, students reading any theory will spend 15 – 20 minutes and still won’t be confident about what he understood. Thus, watching an animated video of theory will not only save time but will allow memorizing the concept.

Animated videos are a fun way to express your ideas and trust me; this is the future of every business. With video marketing, products have become brands, and most importantly, it’s free of biases. Every field today, let it be academic or medical, fashion, or business are taking benefits from animation based video marketing.

Author Bio: I am a professional animator in a Video Animation Company named as Animation Dok. I have completed a number of courses related to graphic designing and animation, which has brought me to this video animation company. I have been into this field for a number of years now, and this has made me a professional at it. The animation is trending in recent times, which could be seen all around, and this is the reason that I also contemplate writing blogs to share the insights of the field that I have already known for years.

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