5 Easy Ways To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

TikTok is a social media that allows users to upload videos with a duration of 15-60 seconds, usually the videos have music or dialogue. Starting as an application for sharing videos, now TikTok can also be used to promote a product or service.

According to, TikTok has been downloaded 1.65 billion times, installed 738 million times in 2019, and had 800 million active users as of October 2019. The data shows how popular and growing TikTok is. Its popularity can be an opportunity for a number of marketers or entrepreneurs to introduce and promote their brand through TikTok.

Then, what are the advantages of using TikTok as a promotional medium? Check out the explanation below!

1. Have Many Users

TikTok has as many as 800 million active users. The average TikTok user opens this app 8 times a day. This shows that TikTok is a social media that is often opened. Promoting products on TikTok with interesting content and appropriate hashtags can make your product or brand seen by many people. In fact, currently on TikTok there are also many influencers or commonly called TikTok celebrities.

Because this app is popular, TikTok’s content is getting more and more diverse. Starting from education, health, to several universities or schools also do promotions or branding through TikTok.

2. TikTok Features Are Easy to Use

Not everyone has video editing skills, TikTok makes it easy for users by providing several tools such as start and stop records, timers, and others. Not only that, TikTok also has a variety of visual filters, time effects, green screens , transitions, stickers, text, emoji, GIFs, and much more. You are also free to add background music or voice over to your video. There are also live features like other social media.

3. Hashtags for Discover Feeds

TikTok has a hashtag (#) feature that makes it easy for users to find the content they want. You can take advantage of this feature by giving hashtags that are in accordance with the theme, easy to remember, and relevant to your product. Add #fyp to have your content appear on other users’ pages. Usually, if your content successfully enters FYP, then you will get a lot of likes, comments and shares.

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You can also create new challenges on TikTok such as promoting a product jingle or dance cover to promote your product. Several international artists have done this such as Zico, Kang Daniel, and Justin Bieber.

4. TikTok Ads

TikTok also has an ad platform that you can use to maximize the reach of the content you create. Creating TikTok ads is not difficult, you can go to the TikTok page, then fill in some of the requested data. After that you can define the purpose of creating ads, set targets and budgets, upload videos or photos, add Call To Action (CTA) ads, and you’re done. This CTA can direct users to the website, install applications, or others according to the goals to be achieved.

5. Selling Shoutouts on TikTok

Shouts can make a huge difference to business owners, big or small, when an influencer agrees to sell shoutouts to a company, they will tell their followers about a particular brand and the products or services they offer.

Millions of people who follow this social media influencer will see this post and will likely express an interest in the business. You can use Tik Tok social media platforms to earn while helping companies achieve their goals.

TikTok is on the rise right now, it is an opportunity for you to promote your product or service. But another important thing that you need to pay attention to is creating interesting, fun content, and making other users want to watch your content to the end, giving reactions in the form of likes or comments, and taking actions such as visiting websites or installing applications.

What Can You Do to Improve Sales and Gain Repeat Customers on TikTok Social Media?

If you want to be successful sell tiktok shoutouts, you need to increase your sales and acquire repeat customers. Delivering a high-quality shout that customers will appreciate and take advantage of is a must.

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Before you can gain repeat customers, you must first gain new customers who will see your listing description and choose to pay for your services. Reeling those new buyers is one of the most important things for you to do to have success with your business.

A lot of TikTok influencers are providing shoutouts, too. You want your listing to stand out amongst the competition because that is what will help you get those first few sales.

While some of the other influencers will make deals just like you can, you want to work on having that competitive edge that helps you get further. Once you start making a decent number of sales, you can continue to have success with repeat business and business that comes solely from recommendations of those who have worked with you.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are still a big deal. If one client has connections with several other business owners and you do an excellent job for them, they are going to tell the other business owners about you. And, that is what will help you make more money online by providing TikTok shoutouts.

Go the extra mile when you are creating a custom shoutout and posting it for a customer. Before you complete the promotion, you might want to visit the client’s website to learn more about the different types of products and services offered to customers.

You can get a better feel for the business and then use that to your advantage while creating a high-quality paid promotion that is sure to impress. The goal is to leave the best possible impression with the client to get that client to return with requests for additional shoutouts.

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