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5 Practical Tips to Prevent Pantry Pests

Your pantry is an inviting place to a variety of pests, particularly moths and beetles. Many of these pests are comparatively harmless. However, that doesn’t mean you want to eat food with them in. In other words, if you get pantry pests you are going to have to throw food away.

The good news is that you can eradicate the problem. The best approach is to call a local pest expert. You can check here to find one. They will quickly and effectively deal with the issue. Once they are done you can use the following tips to help ensure the pantry pests don’t return.

1. Storing Food Properly

Don’t make it easy for pests to get into your food. Once a packet is opened it should be emptied into a plastic or glass container with an airtight lid. This will ensure the product survives and stays fresh while preventing the pests from getting to it.

You can even do this for unopened packets. After all, a pest may be able to chew through paper packaging but they won’t get through the plastic.

2. Consider Usage Procedures

In addition to storing the food properly, make sure that you never open the containers in the pantry. This increases the likelihood of crumbs and food debris in the pantry which attracts pests. By taking the container into the kitchen and then opening it, you are keeping the pantry clean and unappealing to pantry pests.

3. Buy The Right Products

If you’re shopping don’t be tempted to take the damaged package just to save a few cents. The truth is damaged packages are more likely to have pests in before you even bring them home. Instead, choose the good quality package and make sure you look at the best before or used by dates.

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It is better to have items with plenty of life left in them.

4. Use Nature To Repel Pests

Most pantry pests are repelled by the scent of the bay leaf. You can purchase dried bay leaves or if you have a bay tree then dry your own. Place these in the pantry, you can even add them to your dried food containers. It will deter the pests from the food and it is highly likely to send them to another pantry!

5. Seal The Pantry

A critical part of keeping pantry pests out of your pantry is to make it hard for them to get in! That means sealing up any cracks and gaps in the pantry and making sure the sire mesh on the vent is in good condition. It will allow air in but not any pests.

Don’t forget to add a brush to the bottom of the door. This helps to seal the pantry and stop any pests from going under the door when it is closed.

Of course, it helps not to open the door for longer than you need to.

Being vigilant can help to ensure you don’t suffer the inconvenience of pantry pests, it’s that simple.

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