5 Reasons Why You Need Experienced Angular Developers for Your Project

The demand for experienced Angular developers is constantly growing nowadays when many companies choose to invest in digitalising their products, services and infrastructure. In general, Angular is most commonly used for developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs), large-scale enterprise applications and progressive web applications (PWAs). Among others, some of the distinguishable advantages of Angular as a front-end framework are that it is open-source, maintained by a large Google community, provides cross-platform compatibility and boosted app speed and performance.

However, all this is possible when you can rely on experienced Angular developers that know what they do and why. Working in a bespoke software development company focused on Angular, Java and React business applications, I learned the importance of technology when it comes to innovating and digitalising business processes. Companies like Starbucks, BMW and Uber utilise PWAs as part of their business strategy to deliver seamless and impeccable customer experience using high-quality UI and super-fast web page loading.

Now that you know why Angular ranks among the top frontend development frameworks, let’s see why you should hire experienced Angular developers.

1. Angular and Its Benefits In a Nutshell

Let’s first get familiar with the basics of Angular before we dive into why you need experienced Angular developers for your next software project. Angular is a web framework that provides a structure for developers to work with and is used to build dynamic web applications. This means that a dynamic app generates the data or web page in real-time when it receives a request. Its latest production release is Angular 13 in November 2021 and word has it that the version is 100% Ivy, Angular’s next-gen pipeline for compilation & rendering.

Essentially, Angular eliminates the difficulty developers face in using JavaScript as their primary client-side scripting language. Its server-side rendering capabilities allow the Angular framework to speed up the client-side pages and to optimise SEO performance. Moreover, Angular is based on Typescript, which helps developers write and maintain clean and understandable code. This also has to do with fewer bugs and an easier debugging process, making it less complex to support larger enterprise projects.

2. Experience Always Matters

I admit it, finding the right Angular development team can sometimes be a real challenge. However, being able to rely on someone who has been through a lot could save you a lot of pain, effort and financial resources down the lane. Contrary to popular beliefs that programmers operate on pure logic and abstract thinking, software development is a creative activity at its core. As such, it involves creative thinking, experimentation, making mistakes and learning your lessons – a process similar to learning hands-on crafts.

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If you think about it, every custom software program represents a solution to a particular problem that has to be broken down into many small sequential or parallel work steps during the actual development. Here is when experience comes into play. Whereas it is inevitable that software developers make mistakes, the chances that these mistakes will drain all your project’s budget severely decreases when you hire experienced programmers. That’s why it is always a good idea to trust expert knowledge that can be backed up with practical experience.

3. Relying on the Right Tech Setup

Hardly anybody believes that the right technical setup can be neglected. While it is true that setting up your first project is hard, setting up your initial software architecture concept is even harder. After all, reliable software architecture with solid back- and front-end capabilities comes to reveal its strong advantages through user experience (UX). Whether you plan on building an internal software solution to help you digitize your daily business operations or aim to enrich your company assets with a brand new bespoke software product for end customers, one thing is clear. In the long run, you simply can’t make up for the bad technical quality of a system.

That’s why doing it right in the beginning is key to having a successful project. Experienced Angular developers can help you do that and optimize your software upfront so that you avoid the bumpy and expensive ride later. For example, the latest version of Angular 13 focused on removing the outdated “View Engine” renderer and thus reducing the maintenance costs and the complexity of the codebase while improving performance.

4. You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Working with experienced Angular developers will, by all means, save you from reinventing the wheel. In software development, chances are that there is an already working solution out there that would fit your project’s needs, cover your tech requirements and be cost-effective. Currently, the Internet is full of insightful content and resources that make the assembling of a software solution easy if you know what you’re doing.

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Knowing what you’re doing is the key take-home message here. Experienced software developers can save you both time and effort as they bring their professional experience and technical expertise when they commit to a project. Usually, Senior developers know how to approach problems in a more efficient way because they’ve overcome more technical challenges in the past and got out stronger and wiser. Remember that every project experiences unexpected bumps down the road. Having that one person that you can go to when you hit a roadblock can save you days or even weeks of painful experimenting on how to pass through the blockade. Finally, an experienced developer might also help lighten the mood and boost the team spirit.

5. The Perfect Junior-Senior Team Ratio?

Because of the great scalability, most Angular development companies are searching for developers who are efficient and proactive programmers. In this rapidly evolving IT industry, interactive web applications play an important role in the market. To meet these rising demands, every Angular development company strives to hire top-notch developers. But of course, students need teachers, meaning that inexperienced people need someone to guide them. While they can learn from their mistakes, it’s much better to learn from someone else’s.

For example, Allan Kelly, an Agile guide, advices on using the so-called staffing pyramid that is common when assembling development teams. Ideally, software engineers should make up the most of the team, followed by business analysts, product owners or product managers. On top of the pyramid, there is often only one person, a team lead or a team manager. However, what should be the perfect junior-senior team ratio? For a medium- to big-scale enterprise project, experts say that an optimal balance means to have 3 Juniors per Mid-Level Developers and 4 Mids per 1 Senior, altogether 12 team members, fully devoted to the project’s success.

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