5 Warning Signs of a Fraudulent Academic Writing Service

Hundreds of students from all academic levels buy academic papers online to understand a subject better or avoid getting overwhelmed by tasks. By seeking homework and writing help from a qualified person, a learner can become better at writing academic content. Besides, the freedom and anonymity that online platforms provide make it easier for students to seek writing services.

But as a student who wants to hire an assignment helper for the first time, do you know how to spot a fraudulent online writing company? If you pick an untrustworthy writer, you might get plagiarized content.

If you submit the document to a professor/teacher, automatically you get a poor grade or expelled from that institution. In some cases, the instructor demands that the student redo the task, which causes you to waste more time that could have been spent studying for a test or upcoming examinations. Here’s how to spot a fraudulent academic writing service.

Lack Contact Information

Watch out for websites that don’t give out contact information as they could be fraudulent. This is because reputable platforms will always give ways through which their clients can reach them in case of any issues.

So before hiring a writer from a specific website, check that the site has a Contact Us page. If it does, take a step further and call the provided phone numbers. If the representative doesn’t pick on the other end, then assume that the owners of that site are scammers.

Fraudulent writing companies may give specific contact information such as emails only to avoid getting detected. Fraudsters don’t want students who have paid for a service but haven’t gotten value for money to contact them. Even when you browse through the website, you won’t find a way to reach them quickly.

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5 Warning Signs of a Fraudulent Academic Writing Service

On the other hand, trustworthy sites with numerous essay writers will offer several ways to contact them and even have an active social media presence. From reputable sites, expect multiple means of communication such as:

  • Physical address
  • Phone numbers
  • Online chat systems
  • Email addresses

So if the website from which you want to hire a homework/assignment helper or even a tutor only provides an email, don’t trust it.

The Price Looks Too Good to Be True

Fraudsters parading as online subject experts will offer extremely low prices to lure unsuspecting students. In some cases, the scammer will offer ridiculous discounts and offers. In most cases, you will get what you pay for.

For a low price that seems too good to be true, expect plagiarized content. The academic paper you request might fail to meet the current expected education standards, and submitting it will only result in a poor score.

Remember, an expert will require a fair amount of money to compensate for the time they have spent researching and crafting high-quality content. In most cases, the price for an order will be based on the deadline, experience of the writer, and how difficult or easy the assignment is. Expect to pay a higher price when hiring an experienced subject expert to work on a technical paper within a short time.

5 Warning Signs of a Fraudulent Academic Writing Service

They Ask for Bank Transfers

The internet has made it easier for students to pay for education online without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, when it comes to ordering services online, bank transfers put you at risk of identity theft.

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A legit website will offer numerous payment methods and offer a way to pay only after the client is completely satisfied that the content is high quality (has met all specified instructions, is free of plagiarism, and grammatical errors).

Doesn’t Have a Refund Policy

A legit academic writing service will have a detailed refund policy on its website. Some will even go as far as offering a money-back guarantee if the work is below standard. It will also have terms and conditions of how and when to request a refund.

Beware of sites that don’t provide a clear and honest refund policy. Part of the refund should be focused on revisions. For example, a client should get their payment back if the writer refuses to do revisions.

They Post Fake Reviews

A scam website will post fake reviews to attract numerous students. Others will have new and very few fake reviews. It should be a red flag if the website has similar reviews written with the same tone, voice, and writing style. This shows that the same person wrote the reviews.

So before picking a specific website to hire an assignment helper or tutor, read reviews from several trustworthy sources. Furthermore, don’t just focus on reading the latest reviews; look for those from longstanding members who have used the services several times.

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