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5 Ways Mobile Marketing Builds Your Brand

Mobile marketing is a great way to build your brand. Branding is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part, of your business. It’s what customers perceive when they experience your brand. In other words, how you portray your brand affects how customers experience it. 

Create Positive Customer Experiences

Therefore, creating a positive customer experience is key. Mobile marketing helps you create positive customer experiences. Using simple mobile marketing tools, you reach customers and provide them with the kind of brand experience that keeps them coming back. The kind of experience they share with others. By doing so, you build your brand.

How Mobile Marketing Builds Your Brand

The following ways outline how mobile marketing builds your brand. By concentrating on customers and the mobile marketing tools, you’re able to connect the two seamlessly.

1. Connects You with Your Biggest Fans

Although social media and email marketing allows you to reach a large audience, mobile marketing connects you with loyal fans. These are people who are genuinely interested and invested in your brand and product. They’ve already seen the light, so to speak, about your company. They support what you’re all about.

Mobile Marketing Tools

The specific mobile marketing tools you need to use to reach these fans are broadcasts (otherwise known as mass text message) and webforms. Mass text message is amazing because it allows you to send one message to many people at one time with each person receiving the text message individually. Their replies are only sent back to you, not everyone. This is a great way to experience great one-on-one, personal communication with a loyal fan of your brand.

Webforms allow your biggest fans to sign up for your mobile marketing online. Place a link to your webform anywhere online including your website and even, social media. The webforms opts them in to you text messages with some basic information. Obviously, you need a phone number, but other information such as name, birthday, and email are all optional based on your needs.

The whole point of connecting with loyal fans is to build your brand. As long as you continue to meet their needs, these individuals carry your brand to the world; enabling you to reach a far larger audience.

2. Separates the Hardcore from the Lukewarm

Each one of your fans are at a different stage of becoming a brand ambassador. Some like your product, but won’t influence people to buy your product or service. Others not only like your product, but actively campaign for people to buy your product. This is the defining line.

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You can’t market to all customers the same way. Each customer is at a different stage of fandom. Therefore, you’ll need to use different campaigns and techniques for each different group of fans.

Keep Hardcore Fans Engaged

For the hardcore fans, you need to keep them engaged so they’ll keep the fervor they have for your brand. For the lukewarm fans, you need to engage them so that they become a hardcore fan. Keyword campaigns and tags are two mobile messaging tools that allow you to differentiate these groups. These tools keep both groups coming back time and time again.

Keyword campaigns simply allow the customer or potential customer to take the first step of engaging with you. Simply set up a keyword campaign, advertise it, and people text it. You see these everywhere nowadays. “Text PIZZA to 50505” is an example.

Once customers opt-in through a keyword campaign or webform, you’ll need to separate them. Basically, you’ll choose a tag to keep them under. This helps you speak to one specific audience at one specific time. One customer may need multiple tags which may change from time to time.

3. Keeps Your Business Relevant

In order to stay relevant in a competitive market, you’re going to need to change your brand from time to time. Not your whole brand, but at least how much you concentrate on one part or another. Taylor Swift is a good example of this. Her brand changed a few times throughout her career. As a singer, she’s changed from country to pop as her musical tastes and fans evolved.

Now, it’s important to realize when you begin to focus on a different part of your business and change your brand, you’re going to lose some customers. And that’s okay. However, the goal is to keep as many as possible while gaining new customers.

Get Customer Feedback

The mobile marketing tool that’ll help the most when you need to change your brand is keyword campaigns Since you customize campaigns, there’s a lot of options to choose from. One option: create and disseminate surveys. Sending surveys out to customers is a great way to get instant feedback on any changes you make.

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4. Keeps Your Finger on the Pulse

In order to know when you need to change your brand, you’re going to need to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Where is it going? What are some proactive steps to take now? What future steps need to be taken?

Make sure you give customers what they want, even if they don’t know that’s what they want yet. A good example of this is Apple with iPhones. Before the iPhone, people didn’t know they wanted an all-in-one digital device with custom apps. Apple’s foresight in understanding what customers wanted without customers themselves knowing it moved the industry forward.

Be Proactive

Follow Apple’s example. Read customers, read the industry, see the writing on the wall, and make proactive decisions for your company’s future. Obviously, not everything you try is going to work, that’s why surveys using keyword campaigns help so much. They allow you to get the reaction of your audience and implement changes.

5. Organizes the Chaos

The final way mobile marketing builds your brand is by organizing your communication. It’s so important to be organized so you stay on top of your brand. With mobile marketing, you access a list of all your fans in one place, delineated by tags. Here you make notes on each fan, see previous mobile conversations, and manage the fans tags.

All of this is made possible by mobile marketing tools. Namely, inbox keeps a personal page dedicated to each fan. The fan details page lists information such as phone number, name, birthday, as well as other relevant details. The contact list keeps a list of fans along with their opt-in status all in one place.

Build Your Brand by Choosing Wisely

All of the mobile marketing tools discussed hinge on working with a mobile marketing platform. Find one that suits your needs. And remember, mobile marketing builds your brand, but only if you allow it to. You need to put in the time, energy, and effort necessary to make it a reality. Make the time to build your brand through mobile marketing. In the end, you’ll begin to see why mobile marketing is so crucial to building your brand and connecting with customers.

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