5 Ways to Make Your Home Truly Your Castle

Your home is often the one place in the world that you can truly call yours. Why not make it speak to your style and support your needs? If the new year has inspired you to rethink your home and the way you use it, here’s your game plan.

1. Incorporate Your Unique Style

Could a close friend look at your home and identify that it’s yours? If your space doesn’t complement your style, take a hint from your most personal, sacred spaces: your closet and phone.

Review your favorite wardrobe pieces and home in on what you love about them. If you lean toward neutrals, create a muted color and texture palate to weave into your home. If your blazers are bold and your footwear is funky, choose edgy furniture and art to reflect your tastes.

If your wardrobe hasn’t given you enough inspiration, scan the screenshots on your phone. You can also look at the images you’ve saved on apps like Pinterest for clues. Usually, you’ll be able to pick out a color theme or home decor interests you’ve saved over the years. Review your home and the areas you’d like to change, taking inspiration from your past style faves.

2. Make Your Home Work for You

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to live in your home when key components just aren’t working. Faulty appliances, weird orientations, and outdated tech can easily erase the charms of an otherwise sweet space. Instead of throwing up your hands, make a list of the things that frustrate you so you can fix them.

Today’s digital devices and work-from-anywhere trend may mean it’s time for a tech upgrade. A smart home system can help your devices run smoothly, whether you’re connected to your company’s project management system or watching Netflix. When your devices run better, you can focus your energy on actually doing your work or enjoying your entertainment.

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You can also put your home to work by incorporating convenient features. For example, smart bulbs can be set to timers so you never come home in the dark. Many wireless speakers have fantastic sound and beautiful design and can be easily controlled with an app, making them an easy win for functionality.

3. Add Features That Bring You Joy

Do images of pugs make you laugh? Or does a bright orange couch just sound fun? Pay attention to your childlike sense of wonder and joy when you think about making your home more like you. There are no rules when it comes to home design, so let your creativity flow.

Home decor trends shift constantly. Leaning into the things that make you smile can help you prioritize how you invest in your home. You can also create a greater sense of place when your space is designed around your preferences, needs, and attractions.

Inject joy through wall art, paint choices, and textiles. If you have tactile objects you’d like to display, add shelving to the rooms you spend the most time in. Add lighting to highlight art pieces and treasures to showcase their features.

4. Establish a Place for Everything

Even if you aren’t the most organized person, creating a calm environment through order is key to enjoying your space. Establish a drop spot for shoes, coats, and bags when you arrive at your house. Assigning a spot to park your items when you come home can help you enter your sanctuary with less frustration.

Review your home’s storage for functionality and accessibility. Doing laundry can create a stress-inducing mess for anyone. Store laundry soaps in a way that’s visually pleasing and develop a sorting and folding system that works for you. Organize cleaning products where you can easily find them and keep them out of reach of kids and pets.

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For longer-term storage, scout locations to stow seasonal decor and clothing. If you’re cramped for space, stash items in containers behind hanging clothes or under furniture for a stealthy storage solution.

5.  Create Cozy Moments to Help You Relax and Recharge

Sometimes when you get home, you just want to escape from the outside world. Prepare for those days by incorporating softness into your design. Select cozy throws for your couch and favorite reading chair. Position fluffy slippers at the door so you can shift into comfort mode as soon as the workday is over.

A cozy atmosphere isn’t just about warm textiles. Make your space exude comfort with multi-level lighting, scented candles in beautiful jars, and multi-room audio. Establish space to store books and magazines to encourage you to take much-needed screen breaks.

If you have a hobby you like to work on, incorporate it into your home design. Crochet projects are easily stashed in a small basket under a side table. Sketchbooks can be ready at a moment’s notice in a bedside drawer. And a painting studio can share space with your home office or a nook at the back of your living room.

Create a Space All Your Own

When you’re transforming your home into your castle, the only voice you need to pay attention to is your own. Especially these days, our homes have become more than just our resting space. They’re often our workplace, entertainment space, creative outlet, school, and restaurant. Dedicating effort into developing a home suited for your tastes can truly make your home your castle, no crown required.

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