5 Ways To Protect Your Data

Personal information protection is something many people don’t worry about, but it’s becoming an increasingly important issue because of the large amount of time many people spend on the internet. It makes sense to start being smart about how you protect all of your personal information from other parties who wish to steal your identity or do you harm. Companies providing IT Solutions on the Gold Coast can help provide the best, most cost effective way to look after your personal and business details. They can also give you a professional network security audit to ensure your business is safe and up-to-date with the best and latest protection.

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1. Use Passcodes or Words on all Devices

Many people use their smart phone, tablet or laptop to access their bank accounts and other sensitive areas. But what if you lose your smartphone, unless its passcode protected anyone can just open it and get all your details, empty your bank accounts or play havoc with your life.

2. Create Strong Unique Passcodes

Do you need different passcodes on all your accounts? The answer is simple; yes you do, because with the same ones everywhere, if one company is compromised (and this can happen) all your other accounts are compromised. Online hackers are very professional and quick. They’ll find all your accounts and check your passcodes against them instantly. They’ll check birthdates, post code numbers and any other numbers associated with your name, randomly shuffle the numbers and find your passcode unless it’s not associated and truly unique.

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Many people have so many sets of log on credentials, it would be impossible to remember them all so the best solution is to use an online passcode manager; just Google to find the one the suits you the best.

3. Limit Social Sharing

If you like to share on social media then make sure your personal information is well protected as the more you share, the more exposure, you’re getting and the more likely you are to being hacked or having your privacy setting compromised. People can easily find where you live, where your kids go to school and make you vulnerable.

4. Be Very Wary of Free Wi-FI

Free public Wi-Fi is very convenient, but being free, you only get what you pay for and that is very little security. In fact anyone who has the right program on the same public WI-FI can tap right into your system. They can eavesdrop on you and even see you long into your bank or other accounts. They can see you using your credit card number, so never use sensitive information on public Wi-Fi.

5. Close All Unused Accounts

Most people have old email or other accounts that they no longer use, if someone manages to enter one of those, they may find an old bank statement or other records that could lead to them stealing your identity.

IT Solutions on the Gold Coast can help ensure all your online activity is properly secured and protected, from your smart phone to the other devices on your network. They specialise in finding the right solution that fits your operation from a full Network security audit to simple smart phone privacy settings.

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