6 Best Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Gaining customers is no easy feat, but when you get them you can’t help but want to celebrate—as you should! Alright, now that the party is over, and now that you have those customers, how do you keep them? That’s the age-old question, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry, we have a few strategies for you to use to be able to retain those customers. Let’s go over them now!

Customer loyalty programs

Rewarding your customers is one of the best ways to make sure they return to give you their business. If possible, you can create stamp cards or rewards apps to be able to track how frequently they visit your location. If they follow you on social media, there can be special rewards for that as well!

Try utilizing special discount and promo codes or having customers check in at your location for them to earn a unique reward. Having a loyalty program is a surefire way to show your customers you appreciate them and get them to come back for more.


Having contests and giveaways is another great way to get your customers to come back. By giving them corporate gifts branded with your business name or logo, you are making them feel appreciated, giving them something they can use, and receiving free marketing for your company whenever they use the item. This might be a good reward once you design a customer loyalty program, too!

Company newsletter

Having even a biannual company newsletter will help you to stay in touch with your customers no matter where they are in the world. You can submit exactly what you want and have someone else do the hard work for you. That way you can spend the rest of your time focusing on your customers! Having the newsletter will help you to update your customers on what is new within your business, and it will remind them that you are still there ready to serve them!

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Frequent communication

Best Customer Retention Strategies That Work

If your visiting numbers for your website and social media seem to be low, it might be time to reach out to your customers directly. Sending emails, making your website more appealing, or using additional social media posts to boost interactions, are all great ways to get customers to your website. Once they are there, they can make purchases, browse new products, or even share links with friends. And all it took to get them there was an enticing email!

Make things convenient

No one wants to have to partake in a difficult process to get something they want. People want ease, simplicity, and convenience. Creating an app will make it easier for them to order through you, follow developments, and see what is new. You can tailor it to exactly what you think your business will profit from, and make it easier than ever to be a customer. When things are simple, your customers will feel comfortable coming back to you and giving you their business!

Implement a referral program

Best Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Having a referral program is also a great advertising technique that requires minimal effort on your part. This one requires your customers to do a little work for you, but if you make the reward for their help sweet, they will be willing to recruit for you, no questions asked.

You can make it so they can forward emails, pass off your business cards, provide discount codes for their friends, etc. There are so many ways for them to help you and your business succeed. Plus, once they feel like they have helped you grow, they will experience a sense of pride and comradery, and will feel great helping your business get more support!

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Just remember, you know your customers best, so don’t be afraid to do what works for them. Just be sure to make customer retention a priority, and you will be set. Good luck!

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