7 Amazing Apps to Listen to Audiobook

Audiobooks are one of the premium sources of entertainment these days. They are easy to access, require little or no money to access several classics, and can be controlled from your mobile phone. With an increase in popularity, the different apps of audiobooks are also emerging day by day. To enjoy a good book, you do not have to arrange speakers or connect to your iPod. You can just connect your headphone with your mobile phone, select your favorite book from your preferred app, and start experiencing the literary excellence.

This article talks about the seven most popular audiobook apps available on all platforms and has a large stock of quality literature.

  1. Google Play Books: 

Google Play Books is a recent addition in the android platform, which has varieties of contents ranging from ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks. You can sync the app on your mobile device and PC/laptop. If you have paused a story in the middle from your computer and want to listen again from that part from another device, then it is possible. You can download the book of your choice in your device and then listen to it, saving you from spending extracellular data.

  1. Libby:

Libby is an e-book platform giving a taste of the local library. You can purchase a library card from your account and then browse through several local libraries in your vicinity to find the perfect audiobooks and then listen to it. You can borrow them as e-books and listen to them at your preferred time. From bestseller novels to new publications, you will find everything in Libby. You will also get an opportunity to browse the large varieties of books present in your vicinity libraries. It is free of cost and does not require any money for borrowing books.

  1. Audible:

Audible is one of the best audiobook apps that are present today. It has an extensive database of audiobooks, exclusive titles releasing every week, and exclusive book series. It can be accessed free of cost or by spending $14.95 as a membership fee to enjoy extra benefits. You can enjoy it free of cost, but you have to complete an entire audiobook first to access another one. You can also get access to audio lectures based on books like top fantasy audiobooks, listen to book reviews, and other Audible programs. You can either listen to it online or download it in your device and listen to it without spending your data. You can also check out the Audible Store where you can get one of a kind recommendation tools.

  1. Librivox:

It is a unique volunteer service of providing free audiobook versions available only in the United States. It is free of cost, and it contains over 24 thousand timeless classics. The readers from the United States would get access to an additional 75 thousand paid audiobooks. New releases and bestsellers are also available in this app, but you have to spend extra money to get that service. If you use an Android device, you can listen to Librivox’s books through Google Cast or Android Auto features. The controls of the apps are user friendly, which gives you a seamless experience.

  1. Kindle For Android:

This is the most popular audiobook apps on the Android platform. Though the reputation of Kindle primarily rides on premium e-book experience, this app also provides audiobooks. It is a paid platform where you can buy e-books and audiobooks of your choice. Most of the audiobook sites offer a single version of a book only.

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However, in Kindle, you can enjoy both versions according to your reading/listening preference, as audiobook and e-book through a developed technology named Whispersync. Through this, you can switch from reading the e-book version to the audiobook, where you can listen to the book. Kindle for Android is very flexible, and you can shift it from your Android device to your Amazon Fire Tablet. You can also select the book genre you want to listen to/read based on your mood.

  1. Kobo:


Kobo is another well-known platform that caters to both e-book lovers and audiobook enthusiasts. You can buy both from this single platform and enjoy them on your own time. The app’s operations are very similar to Google Play Books. It has identical features to Amazon Kindle for Android, where you can either read or listen to a particular book. This app’s navigation facility is smooth and has a part of slowing down the narration as per your choice. In Kobo, you have to pay $10 per month as a membership fee, where you can find books from different genres and also find comic books and textbooks.

  1. Oodles:

Oodles is a platform for finding a large variety of e-books and audiobooks. However, you cannot switch the current book of your choice from e-book to audiobook. It has a stock of timeless classics written by Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, etc. You can find more than 50 thousand e-books and 15,000 audiobooks on this platform. Books which have a public domain worldwide can easily be found here. You can also find books in your preferred local language. If you want, however, you can link your current e-book to an audiobook.


These are some of the most popular audiobook and e-book apps you can search for using an Android device. Most of them are very easy to operate, and some of them also provide the facility of switching your books from e-books to audiobooks, according to your preference for reading. Some of them are free to use. Others charge a small membership fee to operate. All-in-all, you will have a great time listening to the premium audiobooks from these apps.

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