7 Effective Ways to Secure More Repeat Customers for Your Small Business

According to one statistic, the probability that you’ll be able to sell to an already-existing customer is 60 to 70%. This is high when you compare it to a 20% chance of selling your product to a new customer. 

So once you’ve gotten some new customers, how do you turn them into repeat customers? What keeps people coming back for more?

Thankfully, there are a few marketing strategies you can try that ensure that people keep returning to your business. We’ll break down some of them here!

1. Be Personal

People like it when they don’t feel like just like every other customer. If you remember their name or small details about them, it will make them realize that you really do care about them. 

This is a great tactic for businesses that interact with customers every day. For example, if you’re a bartender and have a few regulars, try and remember their name or what their usual drink is. It will make them feel special when you remember them and what they ordered.

If they feel like they have a personal connection with you, chances are higher that they will come back to your business.

For businesses that don’t really have any face-to-face interaction with the customers, there are still ways you can make your business more personalized! For example, when you send out orders, you can handwrite a note thanking them for ordering and that you appreciate their business!

2. Offer Them Packages

Another way to get people coming back for more is to offer them packages.

This can be a subscription-based service where they have to wait for their products over a certain period of time. However, this is the most important period of time for you.

This is when you can offer them fantastic customer service and make them feel like they’re important to you. If you can hook them with that, once the package or subscription is over, then they’ll just want to keep coming back to you!

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3. Set up Recurring Payments

If you have a subscription or membership-based product, have your customers sign up for recurring payments!

You can easily set this up with recurring payments software. When people sign up for this, it will make it easier for them to pay you, but they may also forget about it and keep sending you money for longer than they would have!

4. Review the Data You Have

Data can be a very powerful tool, especially in marketing. 

Regardless of what type of data you have, make sure that you review it at least once a month, weekly if possible. This can let you know how many customers you have and what kind they are.

All of this information will help you figure out what path to take to make sure that you keep them engaged and coming back. It might also give you insight on how you can bring more people in to sustain your business. 

5. Provide Great Customer Service

Nothing turns people away more than terrible customer service. Whether it’s having to wait for long periods of time, wrong orders or purchases, or lack of communication — you need to avoid these and provide the best customer service possible. 

One way to ensure that your employees are providing the best service is to take the time to thoroughly train every new employee. You should also vet them before you hire them to make sure that they are capable of delivering the type of customer service you want. 

When working on good customer service, make sure that you stress it for existing customers as well as new ones. Having new customers come to your business is great, but if the existing ones feel like they aren’t getting any more attention, they’ll start to take their business elsewhere. 

Treat every customer like it’s their first time purchasing your products, even if it’s really the hundredth time. 

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6. Offer Bonuses and Rewards

Another thing that keeps people sticking around is bonus points and rewards. A lot of people are always looking for the best deals or ways to get cheaper products or services. 

Most businesses know that, which is why they might offer promotions or deals to their customers who keep coming back. If you’re not doing this, you’re going to lose a lot of your customers over time.

Regardless of how great your service or product is, you need to offer something that is going to be enticing to them. Having a reward program can make it exciting as they complete other challenges or buy a certain amount of items for a coupon or free item. 

7. Focus on Email Marketing

Lastly, make sure that you focus some of your attention on email marketing. While all types of marketing are important, this is one of the more successful strategies. 

Not only will this give you a good list of who your existing customers are, but it will also help you communicate directly to your customers. You can let them know about promotions, events, or sales that are happening in your company.

Another benefit of email marketing is that they are likely to unsubscribe from your emails. Even if they stop purchasing from your business, if they see another email from you months later, they may return back to your business. 

Discover More Ways to Get Repeat Customers for Your Business

These are only a few ways to get repeat customers for your business, but there are many more effective strategies!

It can be overwhelming trying to keep your old customers and bring in new ones to keep your business afloat. Thankfully, we’re here to help you.

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