7 Qualities of a Reliable Disability Lawyer

Disability lawyers serve a number of critical functions when it comes to representing their clients. These could be confirmed social security disability cases, retirement cases, or entitlement of deceased family members to social security. In such cases, working with the right lawyer ensures that you navigate the case properly and stand higher chances of winning the claim. Look for the following qualities in a disability claim lawyer and you’ll be sure you’re in safe hands.

1.   Highly recommended 

A good lawyer worth their salt will have an already good reputation in the marketplace. The best place to start is by looking for testimonials affirming that indeed the lawyer has represented clients in the same case and delivered great results. Ask the lawyer you’re considering working with to share with you previous client testimonials so that you get a feel of what they’re like.

At times, you don’t even need to ask them to provide their recommendations. In the digital that we live in, it’s possible to find reviews about the lawyer or the law firm online. The number one place you can’t miss is their website where you’ll find comments about their previous clients openly displayed.

Go through those and determine whether they sound genuine. Of course, if it’s their website, it’s unlikely that they’ll post anything negative but at least you’ll get to understand what their happy clients are saying. You also ask around in various forums you’re in if anyone is familiar with them.

2.   Years of experience 

You don’t want to get to court and then find out that yours is the case the disability attorney is handling. That is an active ingredient of a case that’s about to backfire. An experienced lawyer is an empowered one.

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They know and have interacted with all the relevant laws that apply. You’ll know this right from the moment you meet up with them. Their eloquence and mastery of the various aspects of the case will be evident even from their manner of speech.

If the person is able to guide you through the process of applying for social security and the corresponding appeals, you can tick off this box and move onto the next quality.

3.   Approval ratings 

If the lawyer or law firm is legit, then they’ll have high approval ratings. Ask them about the number of clients they’ve represented who had a social security issue like the one you’ve got right now. Out of those, ask them to demonstrate the number of people they were able to help get approved for social security.

From their response, you can then gauge where the outcome of your case stands. Irrespective of the number of wins they’ve bagged in the past, you should be cautious of the attorneys that guarantee you will win the case. Of course, confidence is an important attribute of a lawyer, but when it’s overblown, you ought to think twice about working with such.

4.   Efficient case management 

Does the lawyer have the capacity to handle your case in a seamless and coordinated manner? One of the pointers to the answer is to look at the current workload of the professional vis-a-vis the workforce that they’ve got running the firm. Also, if the lawyer is providing continuous communication and doesn’t miss appointments or show up late, then you could be in the right hands.

5.   Exemplary communication skills

This should have come top of our list; we can’t overemphasize the significance of getting this right. The lawyer has to be charismatic in the manner in which they communicate and persuasive enough to even turn the worst listeners into keen a keen audience. It’s easy to know whether or not the lawyer is charismatic and persuasive. Listen to how they address you and the manner in which they try to convince you to work with them. If they succeed in convincing you, then it’s clear that they’re cut out for this kind of stuff.

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6.   Judgment 

Narrate your case to the lawyer stating all the material facts, challenges and barriers, and anything else that’s related to it. What kind of conclusion does the lawyer arrive at? Are they able to make rational and objective reasoning from details you’ve recounted? The best lawyer is one with the ability to analyze situations from multiple angles and think critically to come up with logical conclusions

7.   Research skills

Your case might require that the lawyer you’re working with carries out extensive research at a rapid speed. The outcome of the case depends on how much you’re armed with accurate and convincing facts and evidence. The disability lawyer you work with should have the capacity to research the best approach to the case so that you stand higher chances of winning.

Parting shot

There you have it. The top seven qualities to look for in a disability lawyer. Remember, winning a claim requires more than just having the facts in your favor. You need an eloquent, qualified, and experienced attorney to argue your case. With the above tips, you should be in a position to find your best match.

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