7 Ways To Earn Money Out Of Your Hobbies

COVID-19 is like a turning point in everyone’s life, where we realized many things we should have done. And because there’s no going back, we’re left with no choice but to ponder about better contingency plans if something unprecedented happens again. At the same time, we hope that it won’t be as boring as our previous 9 to 5 routine.

This thinking would lead us to wonder whether it is possible to earn money out of our hobbies. And with the digital platforms that we have now, the answers are pretty obvious – yes, we can monetize our hobbies, and it’s up to us to find out how.

We listed below some ways you can earn money out of the activities you enjoy doing.

Video Blogging

Social media platforms with a greater focus on video content are perfect places for a wide range of hobbies: cooking, gaming, singing, or doing things for the sake of fun. We’ve seen how celebrities who lost their regular shows and gigs turn to YouTube and Facebook to make something out of their thousands and millions of followers.

Although you still don’t have this enormous fan base, you can quickly build a following with unique content, collaborations, timing, and passion for doing something you love.

While there are free tools for creating videos, there’s a huge difference if you buy professional video editing equipment or hire a freelance video maker so you can focus on content planning and engaging with your audience.

Launching An eCommerce Store

It may sound like a full-time commitment than a sideline, but successful stores produce profits many times more than a 9-5 job. More importantly, it is something you can call your own.

Item collectors such as those who amass shells, comic books, shoes, toys, geek collectible, and other valuable possessions would enjoy growing their brand, buy, and sell products within the niche chosen. At the same time, they can build their lineup of rare items.

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Starters may find Amazon as a decent platform to sell. The difficulty of the competition will depend on the niche you selected. Moreover, there are plenty of things to learn about Amazon so that you can succeed in this field. Even so, you can get help from reliable Amazon marketplace resources.

Using Your Social Media Pages For Affiliate Efforts

An affiliate marketing program allows you to earn commissions out of referral sales. The concept is incredibly easy to grasp: find a product to sell, generate a unique link, and promote it on different platforms. Through this link, the third-party app can track the traffic and the sales coming out of your efforts.

Social media pages and blogs play a huge role in scattering the affiliate links. For example, you have a Facebook page you created back in 2014 about anime and games, and it now has more than 100,000 followers. Apart from the fun of posting about anime and games, you can also use this to share affiliate links that lead interested buyers to anime and geek items. Now, you should find an anime affiliate program that pays a good amount of commission.

Find your niche and sign up for a decent channel. Amazon is one of the most effective affiliate programs, where you can find almost everything you can advertise on social media.

Smurf Gaming

Those who play games well and have already maxed out their character stats can help some busy guys boost their records and achievements in-game. Smurfing allows a professional gamer to play on a newbie’s account for a specified goal – farming items, reaching the highest rank possible, and more.

This gig is excellent for those who have a passion for gaming. If your own account can’t satiate your needs for playing, why not help a friend or someone willing to pay for the smurf service?

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Sell Stock Photos Or Footages

If you love creating videos or capturing images, there are platforms such as Shutterstock who’d be happy to buy your excellent masterpiece. You can also sell your videos to social media influencers who are in desperate need of good content within their niche. The more unique and spontaneous and content is, the more expensive it will be.

Get Paid For Traveling

Many outgoing souls are itching to fly and visit many places. If you’re one of those people who desire to see the tropical shores, the Great Wall, or go shopping in a famous pop-culture-themed city, consider finding out how you can get paid for it.

Some ways we know include blogging about your travels, advertising through Mediavine, getting sponsored trips from companies, and more.

Work At Home Jobs For People Who Love to Stay At Home

For some reason, many individuals consider staying at home and doing random stuff as a hobby. Whatever the circumstance is, there are thousands of jobs for couch or bedroom bodies like you. It’s up to you how long you will spend while on the job and what it is that you prefer to do when you’re not being spontaneous at home.

Some of these jobs include virtual assistance, social media management, customer service, web development, and more. You are free to choose whether you will work part-time or in a shift. What matters most is that you’re at home and have countless chances to be flexible shall you decide to switch to another hobby.


Angelo Chongco is a content writer from GroProne marketing. He has been working in the field of SEO, social media, content management, web development, online opportunities, and business management for the past eight years.

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