8 Iconic Bvlgari Items From the Unexpected Wonders Campaign

Starring Anne Hathaway and Zendaya, the Unexpected Wonders is the latest Bvlgari campaign. Released in May 2022, the campaign film was set in an elegant palazzo overlooking Rome, and Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino directed it.

The campaign is also joined by award-winning actress Priyanka Chopra and K-pop idol Lisa from Blackpink. Unexpected Wonders showcases the four gracious women adorned in Bvlgari watches and jewelry. Hathaway brandishes pieces from High Jewelry and Divas’ Dream, Lisa from B.Zero 1, and Chopra and Zendaya from Serpenti.

The newest campaign flaunts much truly iconic jewelry. Here are some of the most iconic Bvlgari watches and other items that caught our eye.

1. Garden of Eden Tribute to Paris necklace

Bvlgari, the prestigious Roman jeweler, pays homage to the City of Love with a stunning emerald necklace. The Tribute to Paris necklace is part of the Garden of Eden High Jewelry collection and has been worn by famous actresses such as Anne Hathaway in the campaign. Julianne Moore also wore this elegant piece on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

The necklace’s centerpiece is a beautiful 35.53-carat Colombian cabochon-cut emerald studded with pear diamonds and buff top emeralds.

2. Garden of Eden Sapphire Plumage earrings

The Sapphire Plumage earrings were inspired by an animal most revered by the Ancient Romans for its unparalleled beauty and elegance — the peacock. The earrings from the Garden of Eden High Jewelry collection resemble the colors of a peacock, too. The Sapphire Plumage earrings highlight a pyramidal cabochon sapphire and curves of diamonds and emerald.

3. Serpenti Ocean Treasure necklace

The Serpenti Ocean Treasure necklace, imbued with the powerful magnetism of nature, boasts its focal point with its astonishing 61.30 carats drop-shaped blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. Whoever its onlookers may be mesmerized by the blue heart that hangs in the serpent’s mouth.

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Wearers of this necklace would have this serpent jewelry slither around their neck as the blue sapphire rests perfectly at their chest. The diamonds on the serpent perfectly complement the deep and bright blue of the sapphire. Naomi Campbell wore it at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

4. Serpenti Seduttori watch

From the Serpenti collection, the Seduttori watch is a drop-shaped timepiece with a stainless steel case studded with diamonds and a cabochon-cut pink rubellite. The bracelet is made from stainless steel and resembles a snake scale, the theme of the Serpenti collection.

This Bvlgari watch is simple yet elegant and can accessorize casual and formal attire.

5. Mediterranean Reverie ring and necklace

Anne Hathaway debuts as Bvlgari’s newest brand ambassador, wearing the show-stopping Mediterranean Reverie set on the red carpet of Cannes.

The Mediterranean Reverie necklace is arguably one of the most precious pieces in the Unexpected Wonders campaign — it flaunts a 107.15-carat cushion-cut sapphire set in platinum, dotted with diamonds and more petite sapphires.

The matching Mediterranean Reverie ring also features the same abundant, royal blue sapphire stone.

6. Divas’ Dream necklace

Part of the Divas’ Dream collection, a tribute to the most beautiful women that draws on Rome’s unique lineage, the Divas’ Dream necklace fits the collection’s theme as it is inspired by feminine elegance and the enchantment of the eternal city. The chain encapsulates the embodiment of femininity and glam.

It is made to highlight its simplicity, showing off the thin chain and glam, the beauty of the Caracalla Baths marble, and fan-shaped mosaics—all encapsulating the true meaning of Italian beauty. The stone, “Mother of Pearl,” sits right above the Caracalla Baths marble that would rest directly on the wearer’s chest.

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7. B.Zero1 ring

Worn by Lisa, the B.Zero 1 ring is reminiscent of Ancient Rome’s iconic Colosseum. The ring’s three bands imitate the design of the columns, and its 18-karat white gold spirals are dotted with demi-pavé diamonds. The B.Zero 1 ring also comes in yellow gold and rose gold.

The B.Zero ring flaunts Bvlgari’s innovation in making daring jewelry. Lisa’s style and aesthetics add a certain edge to the Unexpected Wonders collection.

8. Serpenti Secret Watch

The traditional flair of Bvlgari watches and the allure of the Serpenti collection come together in the form of the Serpenti secret watch. The head of the snake, flecked with diamonds and two striking green emerald eyes, opens up to reveal the clock.

The wristwatch coils around Priyanka Chopra’s wrist in a single spiral and features an 18-karat white gold body, marquise-cut diamonds, and emeralds.


The New “Unexpected Wonders” Campaign showcased Bvlgari’s most iconic items and the most iconic women in our time. True to their theme, pieces made by Bvlgari were worn with elegance by some of the world’s most beautiful women. Consistent with their motif, Bvlgari is consistent in showing the beauty of Rome through their jewelry.

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