All You Need To Know About Professional Year Accounting

The course of Professional Year Program Accounting is meant for all those learners who have until recently graduated in accounting from a reputed Australian college/university comprising a duration of minimum of 2 years. The PYP accounting program was formulated by the Chartered Accountants Australia, New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants and that of the CPA Australia and has been approved by the Department of Home Affairs. The total duration of the course is 44 weeks comprising a training period of 32 weeks and 12 weeks of internship. The chief objective of this course is to train the learner with valuable accounting tasks which are important to manage the job role of a competent accounting professional in Australia successfully.

Why choose the PYP accounting course?

When a learner successfully completes the PYP accounting course, some of the top benefits which he or she can expect are:

  1. It provides the learner an additional five points to smoothen the pathway in obtaining his/her permanent residency in Australia.
  2. Development of all the necessary skills and abilities in the field of accounting to compete with international learners.
  3. The student learns to make real-life applications of all the necessary skills and knowledge to get hands-on experience in the field of accounting.
  4. The learner also gains a thorough understanding of how to find a compatible job in the employment market of Australia.
  5. The learner also gets a comprehensive understanding of the work environment of Australia after completing this course.

In short, the PYP accounting course aims at preparing you for the Australian job market, particularly in the field of accounting by equipping you with all the necessary skills and knowledge related to it.


Eligibility Criteria

If you are also planning to apply for the course of accounting professional year, then you need to meet the following eligibility criteria in the proper and expected way.

  1. You need to be the holder of the visa subclass 485 or any other compatible visa form which is valid at least for 12 months and not less than that.
  2. You must be the holder of a legally valid graduation degree in the field of accounting from a reputed Australian college/university comprising a duration of at least 2 years and not less than that.
  3. You must have qualified in your concerned skills assessment test organised by an authentic Professional Accounting Body.
  4. You must also have undergone a holistic preliminary interview held by your concerned course provider to ascertain your compatibility to apply for the said course.

Remember, after you have completed the said course successfully, you will also gain a sound understanding of English as an added advantage.

Top providers of the PYP accounting course

Some of the most famous Australian institutions which are offering the PYP accounting course to all the international learners out there can be considered as follows:

  1. Performance Education
  2. Navitas Professional
  • Monash Professional Pathways
  1. Indus Institute
  2. Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC)
  3. Accountants Resource Centre to name just a few.

These accounting colleges/universities are located in various parts of Australia and the applicant can apply for the said course according to his/her current location.

Required Documents

Applying for the PYP accounting program also requires the applicant to submit a few essential documents without a failure. Some of these documents can be considered below.

  1. A valid passport
  2. A valid 485 subclass visa or any other suitable form of visa.
  3. Documents that prove the applicant’s IELTS test result comprising a score of 6.0 in each of its bands.
  4. The applicant’s university completion letter.
  5. The applicant’s university academic transcript and
  6. Documents that prove the applicant’s successful completion of the concerned skills assessment test held by a recognised Professional Accounting Body.

Remember, that the learner needs to comply with the professional year Adelaide of 100% attendance of classes to complete the PYP accounting course successfully. On the contrary, failure to meet the same may lead to unwanted delay of your course completion.

What is the course fee?

When it comes to the course fees of the Professional Year Program Accounting, the learner needs to pay an amount of $12,600 for the entire duration of the course i.e. 44 weeks. There are predominantly two ways to pay the course fees.  Either the learner can pay the amount at a go on the first day from which the said course will begin or over nine monthly installments comprising a sum of 1400 each.

Get ready for a prospective career

After completing the course of Professional Year Program Accounting, the learner can expect to become eligible for a wide range of suitable job roles in the field of accounting in Australia, each of them assuring a prospective career ahead as a successful accounting professional.

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