Be More Productive Today: 6 Office Tips That Work

Are you struggling to be more productive at work? Do you usually start the day out strong but then fizzle out after lunch? We’ve all been there, and sometimes it can be hard to break the cycle, but don’t worry we’ve got some ways to help you get out of your funk.

Keep reading for some great office tips that will help you be more productive at work and help you work smarter, not harder.

  1. Remove Notifications

These days almost everyone has a smartphone with them at all times. While this is a great resource to stay in contact with your friends and family it can also be a huge distraction. A study has shown that nearly 50% of smartphone users can’t help but check their phones several times an hour.

If you feel like you are part of this pool of people then the best thing you can do is turn off your notifications while you are at work.

If you have your social media sites connected to your work computer then you should turn those notifications off as well. These notifications can be a huge distraction to you while you are working because as soon as one pops up you will feel compelled to check it. Once you have lost your focus it can take a while to reset and get back to business.

  1. Stop Multitasking

You might feel that multitasking is a great way to get more than one thing done at a time. However, this constant shift between tasks can actually cause a decrease in productivity and can actually increase the number of errors that you make. This is due to the fact that when you keep switching between tasks you will lose your focus and break your concentration when going back and forth.

If you have multiple tasks to complete during your day the best approach is to determine which ones are of the highest priority and start there. Then once you have completed that task, move on to the next one. This way you can focus on what is the most urgent, get it finished, and still have time to work on the rest of your tasks.

  1. Anticipate Interruptions
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When working in an office, there are certain interruptions that will inevitably happen every day. This could come in the form of an unexpected meeting, a coworker needing your help, or perhaps some loud activities taking place down the hall.

The key to handling interruptions is to be proactive when you are needing time to focus. If your workplace uses a communication app then you should set your status as either “busy” or “do not disturb.” This not only signals others that now isn’t a good time for you to randomly chat but also lets others know that they shouldn’t randomly pop over to your office.

If you are working towards an important deadline let your coworkers know that you need some uninterrupted time to concentrate, decline meetings that aren’t necessary, or even request to work from home if that is an option for you. You can also put some headphones on to listen to music and tune out the noise around you.

  1. Have the Best Tools

No matter what line of work you are in, having the right tools for the job is critical. In an office setting, having the right tools can help you streamline your processes, manage and organize tasks easier, keep the employees connected, and storing important data.

If you are a manager, it’s important to make sure you have the best tools in place for your employees. If you are an employee and have an idea for a tool that will serve you or your workplace better, make sure and let your manager know. Technology is always changing and improving and you don’t want to get behind by not staying up to date.

Having a decent internet speed can also be beneficial to how quickly you are able to perform your work so you should know how to check ping speeds as well.

  1. Keep Your Workspace Clean

Another way to keep your focus and stay productive at work is by keeping your workspace clean and organized. When you are surrounded by clutter it can disrupt your ability to focus without you even realizing it.

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In order to solve this problem, create a system of organization for your workspace. Also, have a place for paperwork as it comes in or goes out, an area for your notebooks, pens, and papers. Use a coaster for your water or coffee cups to avoid water or coffee rings on your desk, and use reusable cups.

Not only do these help the environment but save you from having a buildup of garbage on your desk.

Not only will a clean and organized workspace help you to stay focused but you can also cut out time looking for misplaced items. When you have a place for everything then you will know exactly where to look for any tools or documents when you need them.

  1. Make Sure to Take Breaks

In order to stay productive in your business life then you have to also remember to take time to yourself during the day. Sometimes we get too focused on the task at hand and can get burnt out easily by not taking regular breaks. Every hour you should take some time to get up from your computer and either go for a quick walk around the office, take a bathroom break, or just go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

Not only is sitting in front of a computer all day hard on your mental well being but it is also bad for your physical well being. Getting up to stretch or walk can help you decrease your risk of heart disease or obesity.

Learn More Office Tips for Being More Productive at Work Today!

These are some great office tips to help you stay focused and be more productive during the day. Make sure you minimize the number of distractions you have, prioritize your work tasks, keep a clean workspace, and take breaks when needed.

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