Benefits of Telemarketing Software Solutions for B2B and B2C Sales

Despite the many channels your business can interact with potential customers, phone calls remain popular. So do the telemarketing campaigns. Let’s try to find out how telemarketing software solutions from Voiptime can help you in closing more B2B and B2C sales.

What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing when a business sells or markets a product via phone calls. It may be B2B when your company contacts other businesses and B2C when you contact potential consumers. These two types of telemarketing have different emphases in campaigns. In B2B, more attention is paid to establishing relationships between two companies while in B2C, the process is product-driven. The sources of getting prospects’ data differ as well. In B2B, marketers use lead generation software as companies’ contacts are publicly available. In B2C, contacts can be purchased (for example, via mobile service providers).

You can do telemarketing activities in-house or outsource them. There are also two types of such campaigns:

  • Outbound telemarketing. Your agents or outsourcing call center contact your prospects via phone.
  • Inbound telemarketing. Your company handles inbound calls from prospective customers after launching marketing campaigns (for example, advertising via social media or Google).

Efficient telemarketing, both inbound and outbound, would be impossible without various software solutions. Let’s take a look at them.

What Software Solutions Can Be Used in Telemarketing?

Here is a list of tools we can offer you for telemarketing campaigns.

Dialers (Preview, Power, and Predictive)

Dialing is a time-consuming process. Your agents may spend a lot of time dialing manually, then listening to busy signals or voicemail. Our dialers can automate this process by making calls directly from your list. Preview dialer is good for complex sales as it displays customer information before the call and your agent can decide to call or not to call. Power dialer places one call at a time and filters out all the busy signals, no-answers, and answer machines. When a call is answered, the system routes it to the available agent. Predictive dialer uses intelligent algorithms to calculate the time when each agent is about to finish the call and dial the next number. It also connects your employees with live calls only.

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DNC Management

This feature allows you to stay compliant with Do Not Call policies and local laws. You can upload DNC lists and our software will filter these numbers from the call campaign. It is also easy to manage an internal company blacklist within our solution.

Auto Callback

If a prospect is busy at the moment, you can easily schedule a callback that will be dialed automatically and connected with any available agent.

Call Monitoring and Detailed Statistics

Your managers can listen to live or recorded calls and assess them. Also, you can get detailed information about your telemarketing campaigns: the total call duration, the status of each call attempt, the total number of campaign calls, and the number of processed, unsuccessful, lost, and redirected calls per hour, etc.

Call Scripting

Our software allows you to build call scripts within minutes. You can create different types of cold calling scripts for every inbound and outbound campaign. Every script can include multiple parts as question block, knowledge base, proposal block, HTML Iframe.

Benefits of Telemarketing Software

Benefits of Telemarketing Software Solutions for B2B and B2C Sales

Now, when we know about software tools you can use in telemarketing campaigns, let’s take a look at how your business can benefit from them. Here are the most important advantages.

  1. Automation of business processes

Telemarketing software solutions allow you to automate a range of business processes. You can automate the dialing during polls, customer satisfaction surveys, confirmation of orders, informing customers about promotions, etc.

Our software can quickly process big contact bases during outbound campaigns. With an analytical module from Voiptime Cloud, you will be able to filter campaign results and relaunch campaigns in a few clicks.

As for inbound telemarketing campaigns, your agents can easily handle customer requests by using the LIFO (“last in, first out”) method when the last customer who left a request is contacted first. It will allow you to call those customers who are interested in your product the most.

You can also launch agentless campaigns using your IVR where it is allowed. Listening to IVR voice prompts, your customers can choose the relevant option or connect to the agent if they are interested in your product. Such processes as tracking KPIs, creating and getting reports, assigning and prioritizing tasks to agents or teams, sharing information from other business tools can be automated as well.

  • Increasing focus and keeping motivation

When your employees dial every number manually, listen to all the busy signals, voicemail, and beeping it will inevitably kill their motivation and make them feel sick and tired of their job. Telemarketing software allows them to speak with live people only and stay focused on calls. As the redialing attempts are made automatically it saves them time as well.

  • Increased productivity

All the information that your agent may need during the call is displayed in the single interface so they can see the client card, interaction history, call script, and CRM system, if necessary. It makes them more productive as they don’t need to switch between different windows or put a customer on hold to find the answer to their question. Everything they need is at hand. Your agents can have more live calls per shift that mean closing more sales.

  • Scalability

You can easily scale the number of your agents if needed. All you need to do is to purchase extra licenses. The process of adding new sales reps takes less than 1 day. Our software has quite a simple and intuitive interface so they don’t need sophisticated training. All they need is to log in and start working.

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Telemarketing software solutions for B2B and B2C sales can make your campaigns more effective by automating the most routine tasks and quickly processing your contact bases. Your employees can focus on closing sales instead of manual dialing and switching between different applications. Also, our software can make your business more flexible as you’ll be able to change the number of agent seats in the shortest term.

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