Top 19 Best Free Music Apps For Android and iOS Users

If You Listening to your favorite music while working can enhance your mood and productivity. It quickly makes you calm, kicks the stress out of your mind, and improves your focus. Even for me, music at my workplace is the most prominent companion. So, if you too favor listening to music, here’s a great collection of the best Free Music Apps that help you find the best music in a single go. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at these Paid and Free Music Apps.

Top 19 Best Music Apps For Android and iOS Users

This time before you compile up your music list and listen to the songs, pay some attention to these Free Music Apps that help you stream live music. So, let’s get started!

1. Spotify

 Free Music Apps

There’s hardly any person now who hasn’t heard of Spotify. You can play songs online and listen to your favorite music track anytime, whether at the workplace or the gym. The app offers a thirty-day free trial version and offers you more than 30 million songs from various artists worldwide.

Above this, you can create the playlist of your choice or the list that most people choose based on your mood. For instance, if you love romantic songs, then hit the romantic song tracks; automatically, you will get the tracks. Although the free version is not free from the ads, it would still be great to have and enjoy the free music.

2. Google Play Music

 Free Music Apps

Google Play is in second place on our Free Music Apps list. You can listen here to the favorite music tracks of your favorite music artists for free. The best is Google Play also allows you to customize your choice and upload your music and is ad-free.

Even you can upload up to 50,000 songs along with the music tracks offered by Google Play. If you wish to have a customized track and want to listen to it online, you can stream music anytime by uploading it on this app for free.

3. Pandora

 Free Music Apps

You probably all have heard about Pandora. Well, this free music app is entirely equivalent to the Spotify radio feature, or we can say the two biggest rivals of Music Apps in the market. Pandora also offers free music streaming, but it allows you to choose the station based upon your choice and discover new music for free.

Unlike Spotify, they curate music for free and have a premium version. You might notice some disturbing ads in the free music app version, but that would be ok for listening to your favorite songs for free.

4. Amazon Music

 Free Music Apps

Another popular app that allows you to listen to music for free is Amazon. Like Google Play, this app also gives you access to scale up your choice and compile up the list by checking the songs you find the most from albums and artists list.

Moreover, it gives you access to upload around 250 song tracks and syncs them on your devices. Besides that, the music app is easily accessible, has a decent interface, and works on various devices efficiently.

5. Slacker Radio

 Free Music Apps

Coming next in the list of Free Music Apps is Slacker Radio. This free music app allows you to pick the right music genre of your choice and also allows you to listen to the pre-programs streaming radio stations.

You can create your music playlist, choose radio stations, and keep your favorite song track on top of the list to play it back to back.

6. SoundCloud

 Free Music Apps

Although SoundCloud is a free music app, it has a unique concept as it is more like a social network for music. The DJs and the music lovers can upload their original music, podcasts, and soundtracks here for free.

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Moreover, you can customize your music list too.

7. The Future FM

 Free Music Apps

Future FM is a free music app. This gives you a platform for streaming the DJ mixes from nightclubs, live sets, concerts, and festival music. The original idea of launching this app is to publish DJ content from the world-famous DJs.But now, it stands as another free music app that stands out from the pack and provides you a unique music experience. However, it might not be the right music app for every office individual, but it will indeed play some interesting music tracks in your free time.

8. TuneIn

 Free Music Apps

TuneIn is another free music app that you can find and listen to local radio stations. Moreover, it offers you a save option, which is the most impressive feature of this app. Using this feature, you can save the last music that you listen to to find it next time quickly.

Beyond this, you can also enter the song, artist name, or genre and get the entire list of all the radio stations where the song can be played.

9. Musi

 Free Music Apps

This free music app has the most straightforward interface that lets you create your playlists from SoundCloud tracks, YouTube videos. You can quickly search the music through genre and listen to the trending songs. Although it’s an ad-supported version, it lets you create unlimited song lists to listen to your favorite tracks.

10. 8Tracks

 Free Music Apps

Perhaps the 9tracks is a free radio app, but it lets you listen to the songs’ ad-free mixes. You can find the trending mixes, popular songs, staff picks, and many more. Moreover, you can keep your eye on playing your favorite songs by searching the song, genre, artist, and of course, your mood too.

11. Q Music App

 Free Music Apps

Q is one of the best music-sharing apps that allow you to set your “Q” music from YouTube and Spotify. Moreover, you can collaborate with your playlist with co-workers and friends. It’s a great way to let everyone enjoy their favorite music.

12. BandCamp

 Free Music Apps

Bandcamp is an online paid music app founded in 2007 by Ethan Diamond, Joe Halt, Shawn Grunberger, and Neal Tucker. The best thing about Bandcamp is that the money you pay to listen to the music goes directly to the artist’s account. 

Bandcamp also provides a platform for artists. Artists can create an account for free. After that, they have their own online store, and they can sell their music, merchandise, digital downloads, and physical copies. Bandcamp makes revenue through sales 15% for digital music and 10% for merchandise.

13. YouTube Music

 Free Music Apps

YouTube Music is an ad-free streaming service that offers an immense library of official and unofficial music videos. With YouTube Music Premium, you can download and listen to music from anywhere. 

YouTube Music Premium also took place in Google Play Music’s streaming service sphere. You can access YouTube Music from your mobile and desktop. The home screen of YouTube Music displays all categories like favorites, recommended, new, and trending. 

You can also switch any music video to audio by tapping the audio-only button at the song’s top. YouTube Music allows you to subscribe to artists separately from your regular YouTube account. 

14. Shazam

 Free Music Apps

Have you ever wondered about listening to any music around you but don’t know the name of the music or lyrics? So, fellas, Shazam is an Free Music Apps that recognizes the music and TV around you by just clicking a button. 

Shazam is the best way to discover and explore the music that you love. Suppose you are in a restaurant, and there is lovely music playing in the background, but you don’t know the lyrics and the name of the music. Just open the app and tap on the Shazam button. Shazam will show you the information of that particular music within seconds. This excellent app is available on both Apple and Android stores. 

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15. Apple Music

Free Music Apps

Apple Music is fantastic Free Music Apps and video streaming service that allows you to access over 70 million songs. You can listen to your favorite music online or download it to play them offline. Real-time lyrics and personalized playlists are the best features of Apple Music.

Apple Music allows you to stream music on your favorite Apple devices. You can stream music on Android, smart TVs, smart speakers, and Windows devices as well. Apple Music is a paid streaming service, but you can try a 3-month trial with every plan. After that, you have to pay a flat fee, and you will unlock the Apple Music world with 70 million songs. 

16. Idagio

Free Music Apps

If you’re a classical music lover, then Idagio is the best streaming service for you. Idagio lets you stream millions of classical music with a large and up-to-date catalog tool. These tools will help you find what exactly you’re looking for.

Idagio comes up with both free and paid plans. Artists also get paid with every second of their particular music. You can stream music at 192Kbps with Free Plan, but the paid plan allows you to stream music at 320Kbps or Lossless tiers. You can also download music from Idagio for offline listening.

17. LiveXlive

Free Music Apps

LiveXLive is an Online Music streaming service and the world’s first all-in-one music & entertainment platform. LiveXLive allows you to stream premium live concerts, podcasts, streaming radio stations, and original artist content. The main goal of LiveXLive is to bring every music and entertainment possible to your device.

You can stream any music or live concerts from LiveXLive on almost any internet-connected device. LiveXLive always keeps you updated with any new live concerts or music. You can also buy clothes and fashion material from LiveXLive Merchandise. 

18. Deezer

Free Music Apps

Deezer is one of the best audio streaming services that mainly focuses on high-quality audio. Deezer allows you to access millions of music with lossless audio files. You can stream or download any kind of music you like with the best sound quality.

Deezer is accessible both on Play Store and App Store. Deezer is free to use for anyone by signing up for the streaming service but limited bandwidth & no offline mode. But you can get everything with Deezer’s paid plans. Get access to over 56 million high-quality music with Deezer Premium. 

19. AudioMack 

Free Music Apps

Audimack is a Free Music Apps and mixtape streaming platform for artists, tastemakers, labels, and listeners. Audiomack has no premium plans because it is entirely free. Audiomack allows you to access next-gen tools to track your favorite music and albums. You can also share your music with highly engaged listeners. You upload your own music for free. 

The goal of Audiomack is to deliver your voice to your audience. The software is compatible with Hype Machine. So every creator can embed Youtube videos on every song and album. You can access Audiomack on any iOS and Android device for free.

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Final Words:

So, I hope you enjoyed our top list of Free Music Apps. Next time, whenever your team hits you from the midday slump, fuel up by listening to your favorite music tracks on these Free Music Apps.

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