Can’t Get the Chicken Dinner You Deserve? Read this!

True Story: Once, a teenage kid was engorged in a mobile game while on a public bus. He suddenly started screaming for help, begging people to come to revive him. The onlookers stood shocked and blanked out for a moment as they didn’t know what was wrong and what they could do to help. A few moments later, it was revealed that the boy was indulging in a game of PUBG and was asking for aid in the same!

At first, his reaction seemed out-of-the-line and none of us could gauge his desperation. The hype of this online war zone was something we could not relate to. However, in recent times, I succumbed to peer pressure and descended down into a battle zone!

The feel of not getting the chicken dinner you were so close to, and so rightly deserved, is dreadful! Imagine your favorite dessert being snatched from your plate, and put into someone else’s; it’s exactly that, except a thousand times worse!

So, here are certain ways to help you get your winner-winner chicken dinner moment:

(Disclaimer: You can be banned if caught using cheat codes and hack sources. This article is to help you get a better understanding of people who do not play fair and how they do so; not for you to go down the wrong path.)

  1. AIMBOT Mobile Hack

PUBG stands for PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. The name is quite self-explanatory. It is a warzone, and the last player standing is declared the winner. You have to collect supplies and eliminate your rivals.

The Automatic Aiming Bots are programmed to aim and shoot on your behalf with just the press of a button.

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It is the most complicated hack available, and hence, rare to sight. Also, it can only be intercepted by the anti-cheat programs launched by PUBG. Its detection results in instant banishment. Some indications like constant impeccable headshots, no stalling between aiming and shooting, simultaneous kills, etc are signs that the player is using cheat sheets. Keep a close eye on them!

  1. The WALLHACK Mods

Shhh! Be quiet, walls have ears! Well, with this cheat code, the walls have eyes as well!

With the PUBG Wallhack, users can see past the walls. They can clearly sight enemies, equipments, armaments, and more. This gives the users an unethical sixth sense and an upper hand as well. This makes looting easy and killing even easier.

This artificially and shadily acquired superpower helps the user stay for long, but if caught, the punishment is banishment.

So, if the replay of the game shows an enemy tracking you from behind the walls, you now know about the means being used behind the curtain and can report it.

  1. The SPEED Swindler

This hack gives the user an edge over the other players and puts them in a position of power. By accessing the codes of the game and just manipulating certain presets, you can increase the speed of your character.

In PUBG’s community forum, several complaints stating faster movement were registered. Consequently, the penalty was decided to be expulsion.

Sighting the use of this PUBG hack is quite obvious, faster than usual movement.

  1. The BATTLE POINTS Trickery

It is more of a trick than a hack. One earns battle points by winning, survival, certain special shots, etc. and these points can earn you a crate with different costumes. Though they are not of much use, certain costumes can help you camouflage into your surroundings.

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“When being chased by a tiger, you just have to run faster than other people; not the tiger”, similarly, certain users hide-out in their spot in a disguised manner, let other people take charge of the killings and they themselves take charge of the monumental chicken dinner.

Apprehending this ploy is out of our hands, as they do not leave a trail to follow.

  1. The RADAR Hack

This hack allows certain professional players to spot their opponent on the map of the island. To discern this hack, one needs to survey the replays. If you find someone shooting their sightings away from 500m or more, you know something’s wrong.

The penance for this is ejection as well.

Over to you…

Honesty truly is the Best Policy!

Now that you know how to perceive corrupt schemes, descend down into the battalion grounds and aim for the classic chicken dinner you deserve, the honest way.

Shoot away, PUBG pro, you’re going to be a battle hero!

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