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Adorned with rippling sea, cool beaches, lush greenery, scenic natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and history; Daman is a beautiful city. However, it is not untouched by pests. With a number of hotels, corporate houses, residential buildings, and fort complexes; Daman needs professional aid. Orion Pest Control Solutions has become a one-stop window to tackle pests. We offer unique commercial and termite pest control services in Daman.

Commercial Pest Control Services

You can avail top-quality commercial pest control services for all kinds of businesses in Daman as listed below:

  • Corporate Offices

Pest sightings in your swanky working spaces can raise distrust in employees and visiting clients. Pests can spike the rate of absenteeism, causing loss to a business. But with Orion’s team of specialists, no bug can stand a chance.

  • Hotels and Restaurants

These days, eateries and hotels are judged and rated on parameters ranging from taste, creativity, interior set-up, and hygiene. Also, today’s customers are increasingly aware and research well before splurging. Negative reviews by food connoisseurs and customers can destroy your business. And the discovery of a pest insect anywhere near food can land you in the headlines. Hence, practice caution. Equipped with eco-friendly pesticides and the latest gears, we seek to uproot your pest problems.

  • Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions

Students, faculty and support staff spend a lot of time in school or college. In view of their safety, the administration must ensure hygiene. Count on us to keep the premises protected from pest infiltration.

  • Privatised Nursing Homes and Hospitals
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A hospital is where you go to seek treatment. Meanwhile, pests carry pathogens and cause sickness. As such the administration cannot afford to have pests lurking around. The need for a sterile environment inside a hospital is vital. Hence call Orion and forgo the danger of pests.

  • Godowns and Food Processing Plants

A warehouse, when inflicted by pests, can cause great loss to your business as well as its reputation. Food processing plants entail adherence to adamant standards in safety and sanitation. This calls for a reliable pest control partner. We, at Orion Pests Solutions, assure you of good riddance. Most importantly, we make use of safe chemicals that are also eco-friendly.

Termite Control Services

Termites are wood-eating insects that can destroy all wooden articles in your house or office space. Infamously known as “silent destroyers”, termites destroy wooden pieces up to its very core, turning it into dust. They cause considerable financial loss every year throughout the world. Hence, such infestations require timely detection and extermination. Owing to our proven expertise, Orion renders the best pest control services against termites in Daman.

Termite Combat Strategy

We, at Orion Pest Solutions Pvt. Ltd., have chalked out a comprehensive plan against mites. Our team of technicians thoroughly investigate your space in order to identify the risks and wipe out pests. We use the following blueprint to tackle the termite challenge:

  • Anti-termite treatment: Our professionals seek to spot the infected zones and effectively destroy the mites.
  • Termite Inspection: Deployed with innovating equipment, our technicians trace the infected areas, study the build-up and zero in on appropriate measures to counter the infestation.
  • Termite Monitoring: This service, in particular, uses the surveillance-based placement of termite bait stations around your property. They detect and monitor the population of existing termites and their activities. The special chemicals used in this process strictly adhere to industry safety standards.
  • Liquid Termite Treatment: This step serves as a preventative measure to affirm zero recurrences.
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Our Work Ethics

Orion Pest Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete range of services at incredibly economical rates. Starting with pest prevention and checking their subsequent recurrence. We render the best pest management services in Daman, that is, commercial and termite control. Orion employs highly trained, licensed, and courteous specialists. They toil 24/7; because your good word is our prime reward. Firstly, our technicians carefully inspect and assess the establishment. Secondly, they identify the risks posed by various pests and the areas prone to attack. Lastly, they design a definite plan as per the requirement of the unit. We swear by the highest levels of industry safety standards; because we care!

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