Coronavirus Made Hundreds of University Teachers Jobless

Corona is not only a virus in fact, its disaster. For teachers, businesspersons, students, and almost for everyone.

At this moment, we have sympathies for all the teachers who have been redundant because of this never-ending pandemic situation. Same teachers who helped students to learn and to grow are the same people who are being devalued in the present time. I wonder what else could be more disappointing than this.

Jobs are no more secured and we all know why. COVID-19 brought misfortune for many people. We feel sorry for everyone (because this is the only thing we can do right now). Teachers, who were too busy in assuring that the studies of students should be continued and must not get effected, actually forgot that their own jobs are hanging on the boundaries of insecurity.

You all must be wondering that why universities did this however, the online classes are being scheduled accordingly and teachers are still fulfilling their duties then why the management did this? Back in the days, many teachers received email by the higher management with the subject ‘Termination letter’. This news got viral and broke many into tears.

However, on the general basis, there are several reasons of termination. If you want to know, then read below!

Out of budget

Since, government announced to close new admissions and no indications of new semester were given by the authorities this is why, the management stated that it’s been too expensive to afford or to pay faculty members. Yes, we understand this thing. Since, universities are unable to receive fees and this is why, it has become difficult to accommodate teachers.

But again, the argument is still there. Many critiques which might include writers of assignment help London, argued that terminating was still not an appreciated act. However, for this, deducting the half amount from the salaries could be done. As, the situation is out of hands and we all are very well aware with the fact. Taking this cruel step was not a wise action.

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Well, we can say that for everyone, there is a diverse opinion. This argument has no end. Because, from one perspective it seems like that it’s unfair although, from another perspective it feels like the act is justified.

Worst future predictions

Well, we all know that after COVID-19 things will not be same again. The most powerful would turn into the most weak and none of us could resist accepting the fact. What’s your opinion on this? It has found that once this pandemic is over, everything will get tossed.

This is the reason, presented by most of the people. It has been observed that in future, many of the leading companies would facing a disaster. This might include the universities too. The prediction indicated that many universities might lose the charm of being ‘best’ one. Because of the huge loss. This means, in future, students might not get equal chance to ace assignments, quizzes, and grades exceptionally.

This is why, the management of different universities stated that the reason of terminating staff during the COVID-19 is because, the management might not be able to afford them. Well, this sounds little justified. This pandemic is the situation where everyone is helpless. Along with this virus, there came a disaster too. This is the reason many have lost their jobs. Yes, including teachers. When future is not bright, people have to take steps which are might not justified enough.

Vision is not cleared

Unfortunately, on one knows when this will end. Maybe this year? Or might we have to wait till the 2021 begins. Yes, this dangerous virus has made all visions blurred. No one can promise that when things would get better. On this, the higher authorities argues and says that since, it is not confirm when things would get in routine, we can’t afford paying teachers every month.

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From one to two and then two to three. The lockdown is extending each day and we all are captured at one place. Also, the officials did report that for the education sectors, there are chances that the lockdown might get extend. As, thousands of people come in universities, schools and colleges thus, it is quite risky to bring all of them routine. Until this corona ends completely.

Sound little scary. Imagine being at home for the whole year. Don’t worry. Anyways, where all this is being stated and defended on the other side, there are many teachers who did protest on the act of termination. Many raised their voice and said that it is quite difficult to get job in this lockdown and without job, living expenses are hard to afford. Yeah, we agree and we are in complete favor of this. It seems like, everyone is right except the situation. This is situation which is not in our favor.

What’s your opinion on this? What do you think? Is the act of terminating staff members is justified or not? Well, for me it’s quite confusing. The situation seems like, everyone is in the do or die situation. Every day brings new problem and we don’t know where we will get rid of it. Let’s hope for the best and let’s pray that things get better for everyone of us. Also, we all get back in the routine where we had hectic yet happy life.

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