Costly Pitfalls to be Wary of When Choosing a Psychiatrist

After deciding that you need to see a mental healthcare specialist, the next task is choosing the best person from the many psychiatrists in Louisville KY. And with each of them claiming to be the best in the business, your work is pretty much cut out. Remember also that the quality of care you will receive is directly proportional to the kind of therapist Louisville KY that you get. The good news is that if you do your homework well, you will get a great facility that improves your chances of success. That also means avoiding common pitfalls that have led others to choose substandard psychiatrists. In this article, we look at some of the top mistakes to avoid when selecting a psychiatrist or a mental health facility. Read on to learn more.

Settling on the First Facility You Come Across

A simple search on Google on psychiatrists in Louisville KY will reveal so many results to choose from. Often, people mistakenly assume that the results on top of the search page are the best. In truth, finding a good psychiatrist is much more than simply choosing the first facility you come across. As well as appearing on top of search engines result page, a good psychiatrist should be experienced and have great reviews. That means that you should dig further to establish these facts.

Also, compare several sites and read what previous users say about them. Ideally, you should check no more than five sites. If you settle on the first few sites you come across on Google, you might not get what your money or patient deserves.

Making Your Decision Based on Cost Alone

Granted, psychiatrists in Louisville KY charge different rates. Some charge higher while others are a bit more affordable. While price is one of the most important things to consider, never make your decision solely based on it. In mental health care and indeed in anything else, you get what you pay for. When a facility charges too low, chances are that their services are below par. Price should just be one of the several factors you consider but not the only one. Consider other things like customer reviews, experience, and the qualification of therapists a facility has.

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Putting too Much Emphasis on User Reviews

Nowadays, many websites have found a way of exaggerating customer reviews. This has watered down the importance of customer reviews. Some companies write these reviews and pretend they are from customers. So, next time you are choosing psychiatrists in Louisville KY, you will have to dig deeper than those reviews. If possible, take the phone numbers of the customers and call them. You can also visit them if they are not from far. It is a lot better to hear them speak of a therapist Louisville KY than reading those reviews.

Working with an uncertified mental health expert

A sure way to get duped when looking for a psychiatrist is to ignore the importance of board certification. A certified psychiatrist will abide by certain rules and regulations. They have also sat for examinations and passed, proving that they are capable of handling mental health cases. A certified therapist is also licensed to operate in your area.

When choosing a psychiatrist, insist that they show you proof of certification and licensure. This is also important as it ensures you are on the safe side of the law.

Not Consulting your Primary Doctor 

Whether it is you or someone close to you, dealing with a mental health problem is absorbing. Things will be even thicker if it’s your first time experiencing this condition. Amid the confusion, it is easy to forget to consult your primary healthcare physician for help. Yet, these people, much as they don’t treat mental health problems, are an incredibly important resource as far as searching for a therapist Louisville KY is concerned.

Your doctor most likely has a list of top psychiatrists in Louisville KY that they can recommend you to. By bypassing them, you could not only miss out on a chance to get a top guy first, but it also prolongs the procedure.

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Not Being Clear About What You Want 

When it comes to finding therapists, there are so many places to look. These include therapist finder websites, Google, and word of mouth, to mention but a few. But the most important thing is to be clear regarding what exactly you want. Do you feel confident with a mental health expert of a disparate religious or cultural background? Deciding well in advance about what you want exactly will narrow your search and save you loads of time.

Ignoring Your Insurance Company

Therapy costs can be very expensive at times. Mental Health America did a survey that showed that a staggering 56% of mental health patients in the US don’t seek help because of high fees or insufficient insurance. Insurance for treatment can knock off some of the expenses, which can make it more affordable. Get in touch with your insurer and inquire about what is covered in your policy. Your insurance provider will most likely send you a list of counselors that are in-network near you. Also, try using therapist finder websites as these can enable you to spot mental health experts that accept your insurance.

Ignoring Your Instincts

No two therapists are the same, and assuming they are is a serious mistake. As you compare their costs, experience, specialization, and location, one thing you don’t want to ignore is your gut instincts. After you get their contacts and organize the first appointment, take your instincts seriously. Do not choose someone with whom you are not comfortable.


They say that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. In choosing a therapist, people make some common mistakes that turn out to be costly. Knowing these mistakes and avoiding them shortens the time it takes you to find a good therapist and also gives you better chances of finding just what you need.

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