By getting an education, students can become experienced and knowledgeable, allowing them to obtain the skills necessary to tackle the issues and problems of tomorrow. Although some students complete a degree only to find the highest paying job, there are a select few that do it to give their lives a sense of purpose. These students then use their education to find success in their personal lives as well as help others along the way. Sure, making money along the way is an added perk, but the ability to change society or their local community can be rewarding in its own right.

Students nowadays are aware of the issues that exist in modern society. Rather than becoming a victim of these issues, individuals strive to complete higher education to become a part of the solution. There are various degree programs in existence that allow students to support themselves financially as well as do good for society. Today, we will share with you nine of these degrees. They are listed as follows:


Nowadays, the biggest issue that modern society faces is social injustice. It boils to addressing the needs of the individuals who need it the most. A social worker fills such a role by fulfilling the needs and making a difference to improve the quality of life of the less privileged. A social worker works closely in collaboration with the local community or government to assist families and children suffering from issues such as neglect, abuse, domestic violence, and racial issues.

To become a social worker, you need to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate education first. Enrolling in an online social work masters program or pursuing a specialization course from a reputed institute will bring the necessary upgrade in the candidate’s profile. After doing so, you can then start your independent practice and help out others in need.


One of the top ways to help change the world is to get a degree in public health. It is the perfect option for students who want to gain knowledge about public health trends. When studying for a public health degree, students will know how a pandemic can affect the entire population. They will also get information on how diseases spread across the globe and then convey this information to the public so they can avoid becoming victims of these contagious diseases.

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Nurses are the backbone of every medical institution out there, and what better way to change the world than to become a licensed nurse. Nurses ensure that their patients remain comfortable during their stay at a medical institution.

They affect the lives of their patient by nursing them back to good health. When studying for a degree in the field of nursing, students will learn the competencies and skills required to work in the fast-paced environment of a medical institution.


A healthy press is the requirement of democracy to function effectively. Journalists have the power to hold the government accountable for any questionable decisions they make. They act as the voice of any society.

When students pursue a degree in journalism, they will study about their duty to provide accurate information to the media, ensuring they do not hold back any valuable information. When a student completes a journalism degree, he or she can expect to work as a news reporter or a correspondent. The average salary of a journalist is around 56,000 dollars per year.


A crucial part of modern society, the judicial system keeps everyone in check, ensuring they abide by the rules laid out by law agencies. However, many people believe that our justice system has flaws when it comes to dealing with the issues of minority groups and poor people. Criminology is a perfect degree option for individuals who want to know more about the judicial system and other aspects related to crime. It will teach them how our justice system deals with criminals and what changes to effect over time.


A biomedical engineer leverages technology to create innovative and new medical equipment that doctors use to treat medical conditions they considered untreatable in the past. One of the top degrees to introduce change in society, it provides tools to leverage the principles of engineering to help individuals suffering from ailments and illnesses.

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For example, the pacemaker is an invention that uses complex engineering to regulate the function of the heart. It is a technological marvel. Expect to work in a medical institution researching to find how technology can aide and provide a better life to people.


A civil engineer has the job of planning and creating the cities of tomorrow. It is the perfect degree choice for individuals who want to build infrastructure, cities, and towns to accommodate people in their society. They will learn to read construction plans related to the infrastructure such as sewage, bridges, and buildings.


Being an educator will provide an individual to mold today’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow. The brighter our younger generation gets, the more chance our society has of being successful. Teachers provide youngsters with the tools necessary to succeed in their lives and work for the betterment of the whole world. When studying for such a degree, students will learn new techniques on how to impart knowledge to other people.


Good mental health remains crucial for the overall wellbeing of an individual. Being healthy is not only about a healthy diet and exercise, but it is also about maintaining a healthy functioning brain. It requires more attention than anything else inside a human being’s body.

It is where a psychiatrist comes into action. When studying to become a psychiatrist, students understand how the brain functions. They also learn how to help individuals by supporting them and helping them overcome trauma or other mental conditions.


If your goal is to make this world a better place for human beings, then you should consider completing a degree that gives you a sense of realization that you are playing your part. Many individuals seek career paths that they think contribute to the greater good. Adequate education will provide you the tools necessary to accomplish your goal of helping out others, changing the society we live in today.

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