Everything You Need To Know About Duct Cleaning Toronto

As much as you are advised to maintain your HVAC system, doing duct cleaning Toronto regularly might not be a good way to go about it. You could be thinking that you are doing justice to the system when on the other hand, you are doing more harm.

The ducts indeed attract dust and debris, and that is all normal. But cleaning the ductwork regularly is not advisable. Read on to see why it is unnecessary to contact a duct cleaning Toronto company months after your previous cleaning.

  • Routine Duct Cleaning Is Not Necessary

Most homeowners are used to maintenance practices of other systems like cleaning the dryer duct, which should be done regularly. This should not be done on the HVAC system. The environmentalist advises that you should clean your air ducts only when it is necessary.

This could be after there has been renovation in your home, allergic reactions to your family members, or a bad smell in your house that you cannot trace its origin. It has also not been proven that duct cleaning Toronto solves health issues especially respiratory problems.

Although some people claim that dust in the home is due to dusty air ducts, this is just an assumption. There are air filters in the ductwork, which trap most of the dust, meaning that not much is distributed to the other rooms.

Duct cleaning is not a process that you need to do thrice a year because it is not necessary. However, you should not hesitate to call professional cleaners if you notice mold and insect infestation in your system. Also, if you see that your duct is very dusty and in bad shape, you should consider cleaning the entire HVAC system and not just the ducts.

  • What Happens During Duct Cleaning

If you decide that it is time to clean your ducts, always consider hiring professionals to do it for you. Ductworks are sensitive and expensive to buy. Professional cleaners have the experience and will know how to handle your system with care.

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DIY on duct cleaning Toronto can be tricky because since you are not an experienced cleaner, you might not know how to handle the system, and this can cause a lot of damages. Also, if you do not have the right tools for the cleaning process, doing shady work can bring more harm than if you left the dirt untouched.

If you disturb the dust and don’t clean all of it, you will make it lose, and it can easily be blown into the air you are breathing. You might also interfere with the installation of the system, and this can make it not work efficiently.

Since you do not have the right tools for duct cleaning Toronto, calling a professional cleaner will be more affordable for you and make work easier. The cleaners might need to cut some parts of the system for easier cleaning. These cut parts have to be resealed entirely.

The cleaners use powerful vacuum systems to suck the dust and debris from the duct. They also use special chemicals to clean mold and bacteria and to prevent their growth. You should always ensure you read the components of these chemicals so that they are not harmful to your family.

  • What To Clean During HVAC Cleaning

When you contact professional cleaners to do duct cleaning Toronto for you, ensure they clean the main supply and all distribution ducts in your house. The return air ducts should also be cleaned up and set up correctly. Also, check to ensure they have sealed all holes made in the process of cleaning. Failure to reseal will lead to inefficiency in your ductwork and trapping of more dirt.

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The grills and diffusers should not be exempted in the cleaning process. Those that can be removed should be uninstalled and thoroughly cleaned. Clean the return air grills as well.

Ensure the cleaners clear the furnace supply and return the air plenum. The heat exchanger at the furnace and the blower motor should also be removed and cleaned. You should ensure that you replace air filters that are not in good condition. Since some are permanently installed, wash them thoroughly.

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