7 Best Gifts for Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day celebrated on 5th September is around the corner. The day is honored as the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s first president and great scholar, educationist, and preacher. On this day, students show their gratitude and appreciation to teachers who shape their lives in the right direction. In the schools, students put up enactments, organize small parties, and give gifts to their teachers.

Talking about gifts, students are always looking for thoughtful tokens to give to their mentors. It’s always a tough task to come up with ideas. So, to help all the students out there, we have listed below teacher’s day gifts, some of them are classic, some funny, and while others are unique.

  1. Flowers: On Teacher’s day, most of the students give a rose stem to their teachers. It’s like a ritual. But why only a red rose? Several other natural beauties are much more appropriate to be gifted on teacher’s day than a rose. Blue flowers are given to praise someone and also represent peace; therefore, you could go for blue orchids. Yellow flowers are symbolic of happiness and friendship. Because teachers can be friends as well, grace them with yellow floral, like carnations or lilies. And if all you still wish to give roses, we suggest going with mixed rose bouquets, pink or yellow roses. Additionally, do not forget to add an appreciation message for your teacher. The best gift you can ever give a teacher is appreciation. A few examples of appreciation messages for you:
  • Thank you for all your valuable teachings and lessons.
  • I thank you for all your hard work and for playing an important role in shaping my life.
  • Being one is the highest privilege. Having one is the best blessing. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  1. Personalized Gifts: Some teachers are much more than mentors for life. They are a motherly figure and friends. If you are blessed with the teacher/s with whom you share a friendly rapport, then personalized gifts are the best. You can personalize the gift with one of the pictures from your school tours or a quote that resonates well with that particular teacher, or just a name would also be enough. For a female teacher, the choices of personalized gifts include cushion, mugs, teddy bear photo frames, tote bags, etc. For the male teachers, you can go with mugs, wall-frame, table clock, caricatures, etc.
  2. Plants: Some schools also have the tradition of planting saplings on teacher’s day. If you have witnessed this tradition in your school, like me, then you are probably aware of why it’s good to have plants around. Taking this tradition further, you can give plants as gifts. Certain plants such as Lucky Bamboo, Money plant, Jade plant are symbolic of good luck, prosperity, wealth, and happiness. Wish for your teachers all the goodness by giving these plants. Then, there are air-purifying plants that will keep the home of your teachers fresh, thus ensuring their health. You can also give them succulents and flowering plants.
  3. Funny Gifts: Owing to their profession, teachers always reveal a stern demeanor. Teacher’s Day is one such occasion where teachers like to share laughs with their students, and love to enjoy a free, happy day.  Over funny gifts, like chill pill jar, gifts engraved with funny quotes, prank gifts, help your teachers loosen themselves and it would be cherished by them forever because of the cool factor.
  4. Digital Gifts: Digital world needs digital gifts! Also, E-gifts are best suited for the current times. If you have graduated from school and would not be able to meet your teacher personally, then you can convey your thanks through digital gifts. Caricatures, E-greeting cards, video messages, singer-on-call, digital posters are some of the choices for you to consider.
  5. Combos: If you think one gift won’t be enough to revere your teachers, go for combo gifts. Combo gifts are an amalgamation of two-three tokens like flowers with cakes, plants with God Idol, cake with a teddy bear, etc. Whatever you wish to express, you can choose a combo gift accordingly. For example, for sweet thanks, flowers, and cake combo. For best wishes, plant and God Idol.
  6. Cake: Last and the sweetest is a cake. No celebrations can be completed without a cake and so does teacher’s day celebrations. Sweeten your bond with your teachers over a lip-smacking cake. Treat them with teacher’s day themed cakes or cupcakes. You could also give them chocolates because everyone loves them.
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So, these were the best seven gifts for teacher’s day from us. Hope you find the perfect one for your teacher.


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