External Factors That Make Online Casinos Reliable

Nowadays, it isn’t hard to find an online casino. Hundreds of casinos offer promotions, bonuses and a large variety of games. But how do we know that these online casino sites can be trusted when it comes to safety?

Dominic Andreasson is an igaming expert and focuses on the online casino industry. He aims to keep his readers updated in terms of new developments in the world of online gambling. Dominic is here to discuss the external factors that determine the reliability of online casinos.

Why Choose Online Casinos?

In Sweden, online casino are easily accessible. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, punters choose online casinos because it’s more convenient than visiting an actual casino.

Online casinos also offer excellent promotions. A popular example is a welcome bonus, which rewards new players on making their first deposit. Due to the tough competition among online casinos, these bonuses can be pretty generous.

Another factor that makes online casinos great is that players can interact with players worldwide. Most online casinos feature chat rooms. Here you can communicate with other players, share stories and perhaps make a few friends.

Factors That Make Online Casinos Reliable

Due to the increased popularity of online casinos, there will inevitably be plenty of unreliable or scam sites posing as trustworthy options. Before you choose to register with a casino, it’s crucial to ensure that you can trust the site.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that you’re dealing with a reliable online casino.

Casino License

Online casinos have to adhere to several rules and regulations. This is to ensure that the casino is safe and that games are fair. The casino’s license must be available on the site’s  homepage. In most cases, it’ll be one of the following licenses:

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Malta Gaming Authority 

MGA is one of the largest jurisdictions in the world and has stricter regulations concerning the fairness of games and the data protection of consumers.

Curacao Licensing Authority

You’ll find it at newly opened casinos because it isn’t as strict as most gambling commissions.

Isle of Man and Gibraltar Gambling Commission

The Isle of Man Government Commission regulates some of the best online casinos. They offer consumer protection, fair games, and strict gambling laws.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake commission primarily offers to license online casinos in Canada and implements safety measures that protect users from unfair practices.

24 Hour Customer Care

When signing up with an online casino, you want to make sure that you can have all your questions answered. It sometimes happens that there are payment issues, or a game might freeze when you’ve made a big bet.

It’s best to look for casinos that offer a 24-hour support system. The best example of this is a live chat feature. Here you can communicate with a casino representative at any time of the day, and you should get an instant reply. Casinos also offer these services in different languages, and you can also reach a reliable casino by phone or email.


Among the first things you need to consider is the methods of payment that an online casino offers. These can include credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill and more. A trustworthy casino will offer various deposit and withdrawal methods to fit your needs.

Another factor to consider here is the waiting period. Most deposit methods should have little to no waiting periods, while withdrawals can take a few days. A trustworthy online casino will be transparent about the payment terms and leave you with no uncertainties.

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Casino Reviews

In some cases, you might find a casino with excellent bonuses and offer all the games you’re looking for, so it can be hard to know if it’s a trustworthy choice. That’s why online casino reviews can help. We suggest reading at least three reviews before deciding.

Casino reviewers evaluate the fine print and write unbiased reviews on whether the casino in question is legitimate. Reading a casino review can also tell you more about the bonus offerings and whether the bonuses are as good as the casino promises. Reviews can also spot a scam or illegitimate site and direct you to better options.

Website Interface

A good web page interface will make it easy for you to navigate the different tabs and web pages on a casino’s website. It’ll also load fast and have a minimum amount of ads on the screen.

When playing a game, you want to be sure that it’ll run smoothly and that you won’t have to reload it several times during your play. Top online casinos spend a lot of money to make sure that their site runs effortlessly, so don’t waste your time on a low-budget casino.


Although the internet is filled with numerous online casinos, trustworthy casinos have specific common factors that make them safe and reliable. When choosing an online casino, you can benefit from knowing how to identify the characteristics of a safe casino.

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