8 Best Free Phone Number Apps in Android

People no longer use landline phones, which means they are no longer useful. With cheaper smartphones and easy access to the Internet, it’s easy to cut the cord for good. You can make free phone calls with a number of web apps, but you will still need a data link, like Wi-Fi, or a mobile plan. Free speaking tools let you make and receive free calls in and around the world using your cell phone’s internet plan or Wi-Fi.

Phone number apps for Android also let you move numbers, record messages, forward calls, and add your own custom voicemail notes. With these, you can get a second phone number that you can text or call any other American number, and luckily, it will always show that you are in the US.

This post gives you a thorough list of the 10 best free phone number apps for Android, which will help you make the right choice.

8 Best Free Phone Number Apps in Android

For Android users, here are some of the best free phone number apps that let you make free calls to anyone in the world. That being said, let’s start right away.

1. is a free phone number app for Android. It’s clear that this tool is much better than any other choice. A lot of businesses use this tool to handle business tasks like sales, customer service, and more.

2. Dingtone

Dingtone is one of the best Android apps for finding free phone numbers. Depending on your area code, the app could give you a phone number. It can also call people in more than 200 countries. Users can make as many calls as they want through their mobile data as long as their compatible friends and family use the same free number app. You can also call real phone numbers with payments made inside the app. Later, you may be able to add more credits or get free credits through different ads and deals.

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3. ConXhub

It is a best free phone number app for Android phones. ConXhub is a small, easy-to-use app that lets people make different accounts and phone lines. You can even get calls from more than one number with this smart business phone number app. Not only for Android phones, but also for iPhones and iPads.

4. Hushed

Hushed is a free phone number app for Android. Any number in the world can be called and photos, videos, and texts can be sent. You can keep your real number safe with this app because it gives you a second number you can use to make calls. Also, you can add and handle more than one phone number. Besides that, it lets you send a call to a different number. Users can also record and change their voicemails with this tool.

5. GrooVeIP

GrooVeIP is a free phone number app in android users that works well. You can get a real American phone number with this app and give it to other people. You can text and call with this service. There are in-app payments in the app. When we talk about the free part, it’s not clear. You can also get points for free. But to do this, you’ll have to see ads and complete the offers that are given to you. We know it’s a little scary, but it really does work like magic. It’s also possible to buy points. The tool is great for short-term free calls, but not for unlimited talks.

6. Grasshopper

This is a free phone number app that helps small businesses and groups communicate better than ever. You can use the tool to get a single phone number that can be easily reached on both cell phones and landlines. Grasshopper lets you take multiple calls at once by sending them to a different team member or phone. Its Wi-Fi talking feature makes it easy to spot possible spam calls. Users can even change how calls are forwarded.

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7. MightyCall

MightyCall is one of the most best virtual phone services made just for small businesses. You can make and take calls on any device with this free fake phone number app. You can choose to hang up, answer, or send the call to voicemail. The app gives you a chatty and simple map that you can use to build your flow. It keeps a full record of everything you say. It’s also easy to forward calls to any other phone number or device.

8. Ring4

Calling a second number is easy with Ring4, the best free phone number app. You can use it for work or pleasure. Ring4 offers more than just a second phone line or eSIM. It also offers high definition (HD) videoconferencing, voicemails, robot call blocking, call recording, and talks to other countries. Ring4 is a great choice for your virtual office because it lets you make unlimited calls, send unlimited texts, and hold video conferences.

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the best free phone number apps in Android, as shown above. We hope that the information in this post was helpful to you. Please let us know if we missed something in that it below.

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