Frisco Homes: How to Remodel Your Bathroom

When you own a house, you want to be able to show it off with pride, and you can’t do that if your bathroom is looking dated because people will form judgments based on the state of it. Whether you’ve been putting it off for months or you’ve just moved into your home, remodeling your bathroom will be highly satisfying but stressful as well. If you’re looking for some helpful pointers on how to remodel your bathroom, then you’ve come to the right place.

Behind the Scenes

A bathroom remodel implies that you will be changing the physical layout, as opposed to just a renovation. This will involve changing the entire setup of your plumbing network; it doesn’t come cheap (but what does these days). Fortunately for you Frisc-ans, you can easily find reputable Frisco plumbers who will make your life a lot easier – leaving you to take care of the fun parts.

As well as the plumbing, it will also be important for you to find an electrician if you’re going to be moving around the essential parts. You might fancy trying your hand at this yourself, but you have to file for the correct certification anyway, so finding a reputable electrician would be a great idea.

Lay of the Land

So, you’ve managed to source a plumber to take care of the pipework, but you need to be able to let them know where you want to put your new fixtures. If you haven’t already, put some serious thought into how you want your bathroom to be: what sort of shower do you want, where would you like your sink, what sort of toilet are you going for? All important questions that only you can answer. If you’re stuck for inspiration, then you can look up some trendy bathroom ideas.

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The Fun Begins

Once you’ve found a plumber and you’ve decided where you want them to put the pipes in, you can start bringing your vision to life.

  1. Install your shower, toilet, and washbasin – when deciding on the placement for these, you need to consider where other parts are going to go so as not to obstruct. Make sure you inspect the floor for any signs of water damage and replace it if necessary.
  2. Now that the key features have been installed, you can start putting in other fixtures like cabinets or vanity units.
  3. With all your items placed, you can start retiling the floor. Make sure that you make careful plans before you begin so that you end up with straight and even tiles.
  4. As you will have had to remove parts of the wall, you need to put up your new drywall.
  5. Finish off by applying paint to walls and adding trim around the room and mirror.

After all that hard work, your vision is finally complete. Go grab yourself a drink, get the candles, and run yourself a nice hot bath – you’ve definitely earned it.

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