Getting Active To Fundraise For Those In Need

Being active is a necessity in life for many reasons, it keeps us healthy, it prevents us from back issues and it’s good for our emotional wellbeing. Getting regular activity is a recommendation by many medical groups including the WHO and the NHS in the UK but there are plenty of people that don’t get as active as they should. Fortunately, you can find some motivation in getting active, not for yourself, but for the good of others – whether you are running to raise funds for a research charity or a more exhilarating activity to directly raising money for a local cause. Here we’ve put together some methods of active fundraising that will ensure you get your heart beating and your lungs pumping while supporting the need of those less fortunate.


Running is a popular activity for many and can be done from the comfort of your home on a treadmill or on the streets of your local neighborhood. Group runs have long been a charity tradition, for instance, Cancer Research organizes a calendar of runs every year including 5Ks, 10Ks, half, full, and even ultra-marathons, all in the effort to raise important funds that help improve the treatment of cancers. You aren’t restricted to only running during organized events either and most charities have fundraising packs that allow you to organize your own event on their behalf. This allows you the freedom to run for your preferred cause, whether that’s improving access to clean water around the world or raising funds in response to a natural disaster.

Obstacle Course

Inflatables are a favored activity for kids but children shouldn’t get to have all the fun and there are plenty of companies that now provide full-size inflatable obstacle courses for adults to run. These are a fantastic bit of fun that will see you getting extremely active without even realizing you are doing so, as you leap over inflatable barricades, scramble up walls, and slide your way to the finish line. Obstacle courses are available in a variety of lengths and there are plenty of events planned throughout the year if you want to take part in an organized run. Alternatively, a number of companies now hire out these obstacle courses for you to create your own event whether you are fundraising for needy communities or simply want an activity to enjoy with friends.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a highly physical activity that has been growing in popularity for decades and a growing number of climbing walls are opening up all around the country. With a variety of difficulty levels and experts on hand to help with your climbing form, even beginners can have a good time when attending a rock climbing center. For an additional level of challenge, each climber can be sponsored for different route difficulties, meaning they can raise more funds when they take part in harder climbs. Rock climbing not only pushes your physical and fitness abilities but it can help develop problem-solving skills and increase your spatial awareness. It’s also a fairly low-cost activity, you can often hire quality equipment at the rock climbing center and membership is often free or a small cost for the whole year. When you are engaged enough that you want your own equipment, it’s not something that you’ll need to spend several hundred on to carry out safely. This makes it a popular activity with students who are often managing short funds and those who fancy an exciting alternative to the gym.

Group Games

Everyone at one point in their lives has spent time in the local park or open space with a favored group of friends having in-depth discussions, kicking around a ball, or playing a game of chase. These care-free and easy days are always regarded fondly when reminiscing but there is no reason you can’t get together and do something similar – while raising money for charity. Group games such as tag, ultimate frisbee, and even hula-hooping or a circuit of all of these activities are a great way to get active while having fun with people you care about. You can set each other challenges, time-trials, or individual goals, all of which can receive a higher level of sponsorship. Why not open it up to the community at large and get your neighbors and local folk involved too? The more bodies moving, the more funds you can potentially raise together for those in need.

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Charity comes in many different flavors and you never know when you might need some charity or help yourself. When you are in a comfortable position and have the means to support your family without stress or strain, you should give what you can to aid the less fortunate. Not only is this good for society by raising up those in need but they are more willing to help others in turn and you’ll feel much better for having participated yourself.

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