Have Fun In Nature As You Embark On Hamilo Coast ‘s Eco-Adventures

Ever wanted to go on a vacation? Not just an ordinary vacation, but a complete package trip that comes with sightseeing and enjoying the wonders of nature, and group activities for a memorable bonding experience with your family! Indeed, this is an attainable dream vacation. 

Let’s get started on this one, shall we? At Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, their beach club offers its guests and members the chance to indulge in the most engaging outdoor activities. The eco-adventure activities surely spoils you with satisfaction, fun, and enjoyment you’re looking forward to.

Get a dose of vitamin sea and embark on an eco-adventure by trying out these activities below:


If you like exploring the vicinity but are hesitant to do so by foot, you can rent a bike for a tour. Get more adventurous and take the road of Pico de Loro Beach Club all the way to Hamilo Coast gate. For those who want to go the extra mile, a very popular climbing site sits within the proximity, the Kaybiang Tunnel.


Experience one of their best-kept secrets in the Santelo Eco-trail. Trek up the surrounding mountain range and be captivated by the awe-inspiring scenery from three different viewpoints. Stop for a short while and relax as you relish being one with nature.

Fish feeding

Speaking of relaxation, reinvigorate yourself by feeding a variety of fish . Be sure to bring your toddlers with you, as this is one of the most sought-after activities for kids in the resort.

Cove tour

There are 13 coves that make up the Hamilo Coast, with Pico de Loro Cove being the first one to be developed. You can see all 13 via a ride on a speedboat tour. Bask in the open air as your guide takes you to see them.

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Diving and snorkeling

Book diving or snorkeling session and indulge yourself with marine life. Keep in mind to let the marine life as they are, as some of them do not like to be touched.

Kayaking, windsurfing, and para-sailing

Want to start doing something more physical? You can go kayaking with the family or you can go the daring route by trying windsurfing and para-sailing. These are arguably the three most physically demanding water activities you can do in Hamilo.

Beach volleyball, beach football, and frisbee

If you are done having fun in the water, it’s about time to swim back to land and form your own teams to play some ball games. Go back-and-forth with a volleyball game or throw that frisbee through the open space. You will definitely enjoy all activities offered in Hamilo Coast.

As you conclude a fun-filled day, sit, rest, and take a sip of your favorite refreshment drink in front of the timeless beauty of the Pico de Loro horizon.

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