Hiring Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Role of HR Leaders

Amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, there is a glaring uncertainty that has engulfed the recruiting domain across industries. HR people simply don’t know what to do next, whether to hire candidates and allow them to work remotely from the comfort of their homes, or to put the entire process on halt?

You have already got a few candidates shortlisted for varied roles you were hiring for in the first place. But now what? How to keep the ideal candidates engaged? Better communicate with them at least twice a week, or the chances are, they get attended by the competitors.

Keeping Candidates Engaged

Many HR leaders are not giving in to the pandemic, and are willing to explore alternate options to keep the candidates in the loop by amplifying up on the communications part. It is being supported by offering selected candidates free professional training and development opportunities. Until the hiring resumes, and the offer gets extended, candidates can be temporarily hired on an hourly work-based plan, wherein they are paid on the number of tasks completed that can be managed remotely. Extracting remote work out of the promising individuals could be one option to consider for global HR leaders.

Besides, trusting individuals and allowing them to work remotely on your company’s project is somewhat an extension of your workplace flexibility. You get to show prospective employees a glimpse of the organization’s culture by fully trusting them while they work sitting miles away. Engagement can come in multiple forms, and this can be one of them!

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What Experts Have to Say About Hiring Amid the Hopeless Situation

As per Brandi Britton, president at Robert Half Staffing Agency in Southern California – About 30% of my clients has put a full stop on hiring. The remaining 70% are continuing with interviews on a video call, i.e. via Skype and Face Time.

Adding further, she said – “Some people have got no problems whatsoever with the one-on-one interview, but there are a few who are not preferring close physical vicinity because of the pandemic scare, especially the ones having senior citizens at home”. When asked about the potential role of HR leaders under the given circumstances, she elaborated by recommending hr professionals and executives to keep in touch with the shortlisted candidates.

Constant Conversation is Key to Holding On to the Candidates

Communication is the key to building great professional relationships. Ask candidates about their health and well-being in the existing unsafe environment sponsored by the fatal coronavirus. Check with them about any job offer being extended to them, and politely ask to inform if there is one, before accepting.

Decision-Making Abilities Will Matter the Most

Quick decision-making is one such skill that can help retain talented candidates. Exploiting this skill to your maximum advantage, you can retain top talent by offering him a signing bonus so that he could easily pay for his bills until he is officially hired, and been put on the payroll. Similarly, you can offer free access to your firm’s online learning courses. And, if nothing works, one can always go to the conventional tactics of recruiting, i.e. asking for relevant referrals.

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Remote-Talent Onboarding Can Help the Ship Reach the Shore

For the time being, talented individuals coming from varied geographies can be hired as employees working offsite, or individuals that can get things done while they work from home. Meanwhile, HR professionals can discuss with hiring managers and heads of departments regarding hiring possibilities and about the leeway they can take with hiring remote staff. Maybe, some individuals can be allowed to work in a consulting capacity to extend work support remotely.

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