How Can We Grow Business with Mobile CRM?

The trend of mobile apps is bringing new and new strategies for startups and well-established business. The audience is now shifting to mobile applications from desktop or computer. The need of mobile crm arises since the large adoption of mobile applications. Business now getting data from highly optimized mobile apps. These apps have integrated CRM which stores all the customer databases. The database is very significant regarding customer demographics, preferences, lifestyles and tastes.

CRM helps startups and well-established businesses to understand their customers and their needs. Previously, it was integrated in web based systems which only collect data from pc based traffic. Now the mobile based CRM is in high demand since the large adoption of mobile applications around the world. 70 to 80 percent of traffic comes from mobile so it has become mandatory for business owners to adopt mobile CRM. iOS and Android app development company have also integrated CRM. Mobile CRM gathers all the information from the first stage of registration to the last purchasing stage.


CRM is abbreviated as customer relationship management which handles the interaction happening with existing users, old and new users. The CRM helps startups and well-established businesses to analyse its own interaction with customers. It helps businesses to better its relationship with customers. It helps to focus to retain its customers and improves the sales process in an effective manner. With the help of CRM, it gives you a 360 degree overview of the customer.

The most significant aspect of CRM is that it compiles data from all communications channels of the business such as social media, telephone, email, live chat and so on. These platforms compile data and after classification of data into useful insights helps businesses to analyze their customers closely. Businesses make their sales and marketing strategies with the help of insights. Now you have understood what the CRM actually is.

CRM facts and statistics 

  • As per a study by Atlanta based app the sales person meets its sales target 65% higher with crm while 22% without the integration of CRM.
  • As per Nucleus Research the CRM increases the productivity by 14.6%.
  • CRM software is the biggest software of this decade. It is projected to enhance revenue by $80 billion by 2025.
  • As per Buyer Zone, 91% of organizations integrate CRM into their business.
  • As per sources, 150,000 use OfficeCRM everyday which helps them to access the data of millions of people in a single day.
  • As per forester, 50% of teams are getting better productivity by using the data obtained from CRM.
  • In 2008, only 12% of businesses used cloud based CRM. Now the figure is enhanced up to 87%.
  • CRM improves the customer relationship by 74% other than sales, productivity and lobor cost reduction.
  • 87% of sales has been improved with the implementation of CRM in the startups and well-established business.
  • As per fortune Business insights, the CRM is projected to go beyond $113.46 billion.
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Benefits of Using Mobile CRM 

The benefits of CRM is undeniable. As we know users have been shifted to mobile apps so we need mobile crm. We have already discussed in various statistics how CRM is benefitting the business. Here we will discuss the various benefits of crm in the industries :

  1. Access Data everywhere

One of the most significant factors of mobile CRM is it gives you the access to the data related to the customer behavior, their interaction within your app, demographics and so on. It helps to draw meaningful conclusions from the accessed data.

  1. Respond to customers faster and better

Mobile CRM responds to customers in a timely manner. CRM stores all the real time data which helps them to understand their previous behaviour with the app on the basis of how it responds to their customers.

  1. Track & Complete Task

The CRM platform tracks each platform which helps business men to send emails, messages and promotional messages in most preferred time. It also helps to complete tasks in the given time.

  1. Connect & Collaborate

Mobile CRM gives us the ability to connect internally and externally to better coordinate with our team. It gives us access to share files to our team members. Thus, data can be shared among various groups with the help of CRM.

  1. Boost the value of your desktop CRM

A good CRM gives access to desktop to gather so that desktop can also gather data from the CRM integrated in the mobile app. The accessibility of CRM into the desktop version is boosting our operations.

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Why mobile app CRM is better than web based CRM 

As we have seen that web based CRM has some limitations as compared to mobile app crm. So here we are discussing some reasons why we have to consider mobile based CRM other than desktop based CRM.

  • The mobile based CRM is integrated with cloud computing technology which is not available in cloud based CRM.
  • Mobile based CRM enables us to run our business from smartphones while web based CRM does not allow us to run our business from the mobile.
  • Mobile based CRM allows us to access sales reports sitting in remote areas.
  • Mobile based CRM has a user friendly user interface which speeds up the workflows and operations to retain customers.

Factors considering while choosing a mobile app CRM 

We are listing out some factors while choosing a mobile app customer relationship management:

  1. Ability to handle tasks, contacts and deals.
  2. Simplicity
  3. Smooth integration with other communication platforms.
  4. Security
  5. Smooth scale up of plan
  6. Quality of Operational Activities
  7. Calendar Integration
  8. Offline Works

The Bottom Line – Mobile App CRM 

We have discussed how mobile CRM is benefitting startups and business owners to understand the needs of users. The statistics itself shows the growth of CRM in the market. CRM has become the necessity of business to know the customers very closely. It provides a picture of the user’s behaviour, interaction, demographics and so on. If you are using CRM, then you have to start using it. CRM helps you to reach your target audience more easily. In this article, we have to discussed everything about CRM. We hope you will find the article informative and beneficial for you.

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Mr. Aman Mishra is the CEO of TechGropse Pvt Ltd.; Mobile app development company. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies. Also, Mr. Aman has authored many blogs on different topics of the industry such as mobile app development, healthcare app development, Android app development services, blockchain app development services, flutter, etc.
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